Bitches and Fashion: Fall Reality Series Kicks Off

475x220Yes, I love it. I wasn’t a big fan last season, but after watching the first episode I knew I would be hooked.

Let me start by saying for those of you who do not watch MTV, it is a reality series called “The City” based off Whitney (2nd girl from the left) who used to play on “The Hills”. She moves to New York City and lands a great job where she that she is juggling with hopes to producing her new fashion line.  Along the way she ecounters people who help her or hate on her dreams throughout the season.

The first episode was all about the female dog, BITCH. Excuse my language but there is no other way to describe the new chick Roxxy and Olivia.  First of all, Roxxy comes to New York  just to fee load off Whitney and of course Whitney is not going to see it because she’s too NICE.

Olivia is the 2nd BITCH, she clearly gets promoted to accessories with ELLE Magazine and immediately thinks that she is running game.  Little does she know, the publicist shuts her DOWN as well as ELLE’s director. AH HA!

If you missed the first episode you can catch “The City” tuesday Nights at 10:30 p.m

“Good Hair” Documentary by Chris Rock

I know I’m not the only one anxiously awaiting the premiere of the “Good Hair” documentary done by Chris Rock that was the award winner for the Sundance Film Festival of 2009.  The African-American culture has and will always have a struggle with HAIR. No matter if its long, straight, nappy, or curly, there will alway be the question as to “What is Good hair?”

I do NOT want to simply answer this question for you or rant on about my opinions yet because I realize that I have done plenty of blogs, outbursts, and discussion on “Good Hair” but I want to see what angles Chris Rock is going to take on this situation.  I hope that he doesnt just gear to the creamy-crack users but always the black women with natural hair as well.  How do women with natural hair feel about “good hair”? How is it defined to them? and why did they choose to stay/ or go natural?


I came across a youtuber by the name of leobody05 and she gives her opinion, which I have mad respect for,from already viewing the movie:

Now’s a good time to give my definition of Good Hair:

Good Hair is hair that is healthy and well taken care of.  Typically good hair is categorized as hair free of damage and split-ins.  It is not hair that is just long and straight, because most of the time, a persons hair that is super long is not HEALTHY i.e split ins, and uneven.

Twitter Vs. CNN

I’m guilty. I found about the death of Michael Jackson, not through the newspaper, or the morning news, but on TWITTER.  Believe it or not, The new social site “Twitter” has cause great disruption to the innovation of newspapers, radio, tv, and even tradtional news internet sites.  We no longer check our newspapers at the breakfast table, or tune into the radio on our early morning communite to work.  Blackberry’s, iPhones, and mobile internet, are going crazy with the new craze twitter; even stars are the new addicts.


I wanted to do a comparison with Twitter and CNN and to see what the differences and similarities are:

Twitter is has tending topics where CNN has hot topics that you can follow. Twitter has a subscription where you are given a login name so that you may participate in your own updates. When you publish your own updates you can choose to have them viewed by the public or just your followers (subcribes to ur updates). CNN is known for their live breaking news as well as international and local news.  Reporters and the newsroom are responsible for what gets put on the website and it is not free to the public. Twitter shows life breaking news, as well as different entertainment; opinions on Television, sports, celebrities, and more.  This is where the opinion and participation take place. CNN does have viewer participation but self-expression is limited and screeened.  You can view CNN updates like breaking news and the weather on your phone application . Twitter has enhanced into a phone application for almost every phone and can be accessed on mobile web.  With just one click you can access new music downloads, youtube videos, horoscope, advertisement, and different popular blogs. Twitter also has great interaction with celebrities like Oprah, P. Diddy, President Barack Obama, from comedians to actors, and music artists all over the world. CNN has resources to find a job, post a resume, and is powered by Google so that you can find and do anything from their website. CNN is powered by professionals and the website layout is very professional and clean.  Twitter has a laidback atmosphere although many professional have joined twitter and follower certain people and companies for business reasons.   The layout design for twitter is very cartoon-like and more appealing to the eye.
So there you have it, social media is taking over what was once disruptive innovation.  The credibility of newspapers, radio, and television can now be found on twitter, facebook, youtube, and wordpress itself.

Obama Poster Causes Uproar


This sign is of our President Barack Obama depicted as the Joker from the movie “Batman”.  This large sign hangs from Club Velvet in Shockroe Bottom which is located near Virginia Commonwealth University and the community is reacting to it. But who wouldnt?

I was really shocked when watching the 10 O’clock news and people were talking about how it is not racist and its not offending anyone; of course the NAACP retalliated and had a protest today in front of the club saying that it was racist and even community leaders are investigating the situation further.  There has to be a racist reason why some random club in a college area would want to put up a poster of our President like that. I mean we did some crazy things with Bush but come on, I feel that they are just a bunch of hick, kkk, haters that want attention.

If I had a say on this situation I would have them take it down because, first of all, it is billboard sized, and everyone has a freedom of speech but it should not be as big as a billboard, that’s just ignorant. And,  Obama is not similar to the Joker in any way shape of form.  He is not greedy and sneaky, nor is he trying to take over the world, we all know he is trying to SAVE IT!

What do you think?

Have You Been Thinking about your Health?

n1226100082_30048776_9137Michelle Reese, a native from Hyttesville, Maryland,  got upclose and personal with me about the Health Care crisis going on in America today.  Michelle is a Senior, Nursing Major, attending Hampton University in Hampton, VA.  When choosing her major upon entering college in 2006, she gave great consideration and thought to Americans.

 “I have deep concerns for people and I choose nursing because Patient Care is the most important in our hospitals.” 

Ever since Michelle was little she was very compassionate about helping people and science so choosing the Nursing program at Hampton Univesity was the best choice for her.

What do you do to stay fit?

Michelle has taken it upon herself to stay fit while living on campus in many ways. She says, “I really feel like the state that were in now is a landslide, people arent going to get fresh food and healthy foods because it is too expensive. So it’s so tempting to run to McDonalds rather than to go to Wal-Mart and buy groceries, especially in a dorm.”   To make sure that she doesnt fall victim to many diseases amongst Americans she watches what she eats, goes to the gym, and has learned moderation with her portion-control.

How do you feel the Healthcare Reform will help/not help America?

Michelle feels that everyone should have healthcare insurance and that it should be made affordable to all Americans.  “Ever since the shock of the recession, I feel that co-payments have gotten really expensive.” She explains that because its not affordable anymore its causing secondary healthcare problems; putting people in the hole with issues that can be prevented just by a doctor’s visit.

Michelle wants the Healthcare Reform to play close attention to Children.  She feels that alot of small children should be automotically given healthcare so that they can get their immunizations the basic check-ups so that health problems will be less existent when they reach a certain age.  “There are alot of prevention methods that the governement can take account for so that these problems will not be a continuous concern for our country.”

What about healthcare insurance after you graduate?

By going into the nursing field, Michelle has already prepared herself to have health coverage.  Upon graduation, she plans to join the board at the Washington Hospital Center, in D.C. where she will get full health insurance. 

 “I plan to make a smooth transition off my dad’s insurance into my career so the issue with losing coverage when I graduate should not be effective to me.”

Many students on Hampton University’s Campus have been focused on graduation plans but very few know exactly what they are going to do when they get caught off from their parents insurance.  Whether its find a job that pays for you are try to get into grad school leaves question marks in the minds of many college students today.

So What are YOU going to do?

Jay-Z Discusses the N-Word on Oprah

Today Jay-Z made one of his rare appearances with Oprah on her show today. I must add that he is the most sexiest-ugliest man that I can admit to. LoL anyways, Many aspects were discussed but I wanted to show you one that really hit home for me. (video Courtesy of

I have my different views on the N-Word but I am in love with hip-hop and I feel that Oprah was being very biased by saying she doesnt support it, wait no more like a hyprocite.  Why would you invited Jay-Z onto your show and then say that you pretty much don’t support his music?  Out of pure ignorance the word “Nigga” has slipped out plenty of times in my casual conversation but I do recognize its history and significance to African-Americans. Jay makes a valid point saying

 “People give words power and we take the power out of the word”.

True. I understand where he is coming from when he says that, cause our generation today has took the power out of the word nigga and turned into something different, but I guess Oprah is like a gazillion generations down the line to understand.

What do Ya’ll think?

Skinny Jeans to Indie Pop- Bobby Brackins takes on LA

What was once the high school heart-throb in the bay area, california, has now moved on to bigger and better things.  Bobby Brackins aka Young Bob could be known for his raspy unique ryhmes in the hit single “Ride or Die Chick” that was produced by his group Go Dav.  For those that are not from Northern California, Bobby Brackins contribution to the “Hyphy Movement” was a great one.

l_de7206afe8094d30ba325de8255ec957Thanks to Social Networking I was able to re-connect with him after many years of being away from California myself.  I was happy that he remembered me and I was delighted in his accomplishments as a black male coming out of Oakland and making a name for himself.  He was willing to catch me up on my life and I was enlighted to share with the world.

Ive known you since high school when you and your group “Go Dav” produced a hot bay area song “Ride or Die Chick”, what have you or your grab have been doing since then?

After “Ride or Die Chick” got popular we signed with T-Pain’s manager and got offers for several labels, but we were young somewhat foolish and didnt hop on the right opportunites. There was personal problems within the group and eventually we decided to go our seperate ways. I have a whole new team I’m working with now that is putting a lot of time and energy into making my solo project a success.

“Skinny Jeans” is my first solo single that had been getting radio play and I re-shot the video with Colin Tilley for its MTV debut.  -I must add that this song is ROCKIN’

Why did you move to LA?

I moved to La because I know I have the drive and talent to make it in the music industry and I had already made every connection in the bay that I could. La is where I need to be to start reaching a broader national audience. I am more focused than ever living out here.

What type of artist are you? and what music artisits do you relate to or get your inspiration from?

I’m just a recording artist that makes quality music and I inspire others to want to be a good as me. I listen to Andre 3000, Kanye, Kid Cuddi, Young Dro, Wayne and Drake, and Too-short.

How do you feel about what was/ or is the “Hyphy Movement”? and do you feel you contributed to it as an artist?

The Hyphy movement was a strong force at one point. My music personally wasn’t that type of genre, but it gained national exposure so it brought a lot of attention to the bay, and my home town Oakland

To listen to his tracks and get connected with this Rising Artists Check him out Here:

Who said Big Bras Cant be Sexy?!

Every since I could remember I’ve had fairly large breasts, and I would always struggle with finding the right bra that would fit right. It wasnt until High School I began to invest in bras because I didnt want to walk around looking like GRANDMA!  The bras in walmart and target are NOT SEXY! and if you are a DD or above your selection is limited to the factory sizes.

I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite bras that I wear on a regular basis and for special ocassions 😉

Let’s Begin!


I absolutely love freya bras, they are my favorite because they are full of colors and of course they cater to bigger cup sizes! You can find these at Nordstroms or on the Freya website.


I have this classic bra called “Millie” in black, tan, and pink! It can be worn under a t-shirt or you can dress it up as well. I also like how if for some reason it peaks through your shirt the oopsy will be sexy!

If you are trying to feel your sexy this is the bra! I have one in white with pink lace trim and trust me it works magic!


Now theses are  sturdy bras that I like to wear when I want the most support and to minimize them as well.  They range from $75-95

Here are some Helpful Sites for you to go to to find your perfect Bra: