My Sweetie- Wale

There was a lot of negativity towards the premiere of his “Pretty Girls” video last nite on twitter. I love Wale, I think he show great diversity towards music but that video was lame.  LOL check out this new release he put out called “My Sweetie” I love this song and the video is more interactive like it should be. oh yeah, Shout Out to the Nigerians!

“Fragile” by Chrisette Michelle Feat. Wale

so I have a crush on Wale and I think Chrisette is my homegirl, therefore this music video must be placed on here.  If you look closely most of her scenes are shot in the hair salon. I’m loving the funky hairstyles that go along with her theme and of course some are NATURAL, love it 🙂

oh yeah, she shouted me out on twitter for Follow Fridays; Now I just have to get her to follow me 🙂

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