Young Adult Author Rita Williams-Garcia presents “One Crazy Summer” – Marcus Books Store (Oct. 12)

Thanks to my aunt ( & author Dera Williams), just got word that award winning young adult author, Rita Williams-Garcia will be presenting her new book One Crazy Summer at Marcus Books store in Oakland, October 12th.  What makes this event so special is not only will it take place in the oldest black bookstore in the country,  but rather One Crazy Summer recounts the era of 1968 during the black panther party movement.  What better place to have it in Oakland!

One Crazy Summer is about three young girls from New York, who in 1968, visit their Blank Panther affiliated mother in Oakland, California.  This story is said to be rich in heritage and African American history. The book has one various awards; Newberry Honor Book Award, the Coretta Scott King Award, the Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction, and was a National Book Award Finalist.

Williams-Garcia will be reading excerpts from One Crazy Summer and will do a Q&A session.

Event Details:

October 12, 2012 at 6:30 pm, doors open at 5 pm

3900 Martin Luther King Blvd. The phone number is (510) 652-2344.

Life is Living Oakland 2012 – (Oct. 13)

It’s that time of year again, if you’re local check out this free event at DeFremery park in Oakland.  Its a FREE Celebration Of Urban Life Through Hip-Hop, Intergenerational Health, And Environmental Action.  There will be a music concert featuring local artists like Los Rackas and The GetBack Crew, host DJ Talib Kweli and a Nina Simone tribute by Isis Rising.  From 11-6 pm the park will be filled with live demonstrations, art exhibits, local vendors, teacher’s lounge, and a kids zone. So come out and learn, grown, inspire, and celebrate in the community!

Fore more information visit –>
(Bio from the website)
LIFE Is LIVING is a national campaign of Youth Speaks Inc. that generates partnerships between diverse and underserved communities, green action agencies, local community groups, urban environmental activists, and the contemporary arts world. Life is Living encompasses a series of six-hour inter-disciplinary, intergenerational, eco-equity festivals in neglected parks in underserved neighborhoods around the country. Previous cities include Oakland, CA; Harlem, NY; and Chicago, IL & Houston, TX.National funders include Columbia Foundation, Irvine Foundation, East Bay Community Fund, Doris Duke Charitable Fund, Center for Cultural Innovation, and the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts.

Natural Selection Presents: “Fall Into the Natural” Brunch Affair

Attention all Bay Area naturals, check out this upcoming meetup hosted by Natural Selection,  Cassidy Blackwell, “Fall Into the Natural” Brunch Affair.  Happening September 23rd at Hibiscus Cafe in Oakland. Enjoy inspiration and empowerment from special guest Dr. Kari Williams.  I’ve met quite a few ladies at these events and thought I’d share with you guys an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, learn something new, and of course win prizes and freebies! (and not too mention, who doesn’t love brunch?!) Check the details below for more information.

Date: Sunday, September 23, 2012

Time: 11 am

Location: Hibiscus Cafe, Oakland ca.

Tickets are $20 online and $25 at the door

purchase here –>

Your ticket to  “Fall Into Natural” includes one of the best #naturalhair event experiences you’ll ever have as well as:

–Live styling demonstrations for all styles of hair ranging from curls to coils to locs
–Presentation by world-renowned trichologist Dr. Kari Williams
–Panel discussion and Q&A featuring stylists and bloggers
–Delicious brunch buffet (included!)
–Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! YAY!
–Specialty cocktail (cash bar)
–Giveaways and goodie bags for all!

Fall Into Natural welcomes all stages, textures and ages of naturalistas and their friends, loved ones, and supporters.  And yes–kids are welcome to join!

Special thanks to Fall Into Natural Sponsors: Huetiful, EDEN Bodyworks and Strawllers for supporting this event.

Featured Vendors include:

Fatemeh’s Jewelry and Accessories
The Natural Splendor
La Femme d’Epaisseur Belle

Can’t wait! 🙂

Serena Speaks Out on Tennis Star Taylor Townsend

With all the positive news revolving around Serena Williams winning the U.S.Open women’s singles last week, there has also been negative feedback for the number one ranked junior girl’s tennis player Taylor Townsend. According to Essence and the Wall Street Journal, the United States Tennis Association feels she’s overweight. Her coaches refused to travel entry to the U.S. Open because she needs to work on her “health”.  Although the USTA’s player development program made a statement denying these allegations, it still makes me go hmmm…

You would think that this whole weight/body image issue would not be a problem, because Serena Williams (amongst other athletes) have proved grand slam after grand slam that a like donkey in the back will not deter success.  Serena responded (more professional than me) to the media by saying, ” If that happened, that’s obviously a tragedy, because everyone deserves to play,” said Williams. “She’s so sweet and she works so hard. For a female, particularly, in the United States, in particular, and African-American, to have to deal with that is unnecessary. Women athletes come in all different sizes and shapes and colors and everything. I think you can see that more than anywhere on this tennis tour.” ( via ESPN)

The issue with body image and health will forever haunt women in the media and I feel that although we should be focusing on our health and making sure we are fit, we should NEVER be shameful of what God has given us.  I have broad shoulders, and I used to get mad about them but now I’m working to tone my arms and I will be flaunting my new muscles next summer.

 So my question for you all, Do you feel that in order to play a sport you have to be the stereotype of physically fit? Or is the USTA just haters? (based on the allegations)

Red Hook Summer – The Church uncensored

Many of you probably thought you’ve seen the last Spike Lee film, but were soon surprised when he released his newest joint entitled Red Hook Summer in late August. It was portrayed to be about a story of a boy named “Flik” (Jules Brown) spending the summer with his grandfather,Bishop Enoch Rouse  (Clark Peters) .  What I thought would be a coming of age story was actually a rude awakening to the controversies of the church.  However, the relationship between his summer friend, Chazz (Toni Lysaith), eased the tension off Flik making him more aware of his surroundings beyond the “suburban life” in his hometown. Spike Lee did an excellent job at conveying the church setting by captivating the white Jesus, dramatic preaching styles, and the strict rules that Bishop enoch Rouse tried to live by.
Not to give a spoil alert, but this film had nothing to do with coming of age and lot’s to do with family secrets. I’d like to focus on one character, Flik’s mom.  It wasn’t until the end that you find out why she snubbed her father, won’t look him in the eye, and questioned why she even brought him to Red Hook in the first place.  I know Spike Lee made her character undeveloped for a reason but it makes me wonder why a mother wouldn’t want their child regardless of the relationship, to be around a man who has molested a boy in the past.  Many churches put issues like this under the table and try to hush the situation; in this case the preacher was given a “love offering” to go away and never come back.  He then gave it to his daughter to live in Atlanta, where I believe it was as an apology.
I’m not going to use this post to ramble on about my interpretations of the movie, but I’m more curious to what your thoughts are on Red Hook Summer.  What are your thoughts on Red Hook Summer? The Characters? and how do you feel about the overall theme? Share in the comment box 🙂
Check you local listing here for Red Hook Summer

Hiero Day 2012 – Instagram Recap

If you were in the Bay Area this past labor day weekend, I’m sure you heard of lots of events happening whether through word of mouth or on social media.  The cloudy skies opened up on Monday and not only did sunshine bring happiness to Oakland, but the first ever Hiero Day; a celebration of independent artists in the community, kept us in warm spirits the whole day.  People of all ages, races, and cultural backgrounds gathered in downtown Oakland on labor day for a day of Hip Hop (and no work lol) put on by Hieroglyphics; an indie music empire. I had to do my homework on this one but instead of the normal google search I took to Instagram to find out how you guys enjoyed #HieroDay .

Check out some of my favorite photos from the instagrammers that captured some of the festivities:

Photo Credit by @mofozvisualz

photo credit @fstopssf

photo credit @rakarene


photo credit Rod Campbell (Dope Only)

photo credit @timheezy

photo credit @omgadrian

photo credit @trackademics


and of course, lima. the peruvian street food.

P.S. You're probably wondering where I've been... had to get my life together as usual but I promise I will post more. Thanks for supporting me and asking about my blog even when I've been ghost!