The Afro Chic Favorites: Summer Beauty Things ’11

I’ve decided to share with you guys my favorite all things beauty.  Well, not all just 10 things that I can’t live without when it comes to hair, makeup, and beauty products.  I get asked a lot about my regimens, what products I use, and how I do my hair and it always amazes me that people find insight in my everyday musings.  I’m honestly writing this right now looking a hot mess but don’t get me wrong these products work.  So here are my top 5 products that I live by, where I get them from, and how I use them. Enjoy!

Avon’s Kiss Therapy- Sheer Rose

Avon’s Kiss Therapy and I met sophomore year of college and I LOVE this on my lips.  Here’s the problem, I hunt these like a lion in Africa because they are discontinued through the catalog.  However, Ebay’ers have them for reasonable price of $6 min. bid.  So it’s a real vintage find that I like to collect.  I’ll be sad when I can no longer find them online 😦

Victoria Secret Dream Angels- Heavenly Flowers Perfume

This is my everyday scent.  Discovered it one day with my best friend in Vegas and I love it.  It’s a very fresh, yet romantic smell that doesn’t over do it when you spray it all over your body.  It’s about $12 at Victoria Secret stores and it comes with a set.  I like to catch the big sales so I bought it separately.  So yes, Reesa smells like flowers.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects- Nail Polish Strips

Raise your hand if your manicures only last 2 days! That’s me.  When I stumbled across Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips I was reluctant because I didn’t want to go back to elementary with the press on nails BUT it’s far from it.  It’s really easy to do and comes in 63 different colors and prints.  I run through a manicure in literally a day and these lasted two weeks without a scratch, HOLLER!  You can get them for about $7 each at drugstores but I recommend you snag a coupon from your Sunday paper and get that deal.

Elasta Care Penetrating Moisturizer Spray

I live by this moisturizing spray.  For all you naturals out there trying to maintain a beautiful curly mane, this is it.  I use it once a day before I style my hair right when I get out the shower and it locks in the moisture and keeps your hairs nice and soft all day long.  it’s about $7 at select beauty supply stores.  It’s a great staple to add to your collection of hair products if you live in an area that’s very drying.  The Bay Area lacks humidity that my hair loves so I like to call it my “summer in a bottle”. Don’t ask.

Free Your Mane Conditioning Pomade

You are never to young to lay those baby hairs down and this is why the Free Your Mane Conditioning Pomade is my favorite.  It’s a very light pomade that lays your hair down no matter your texture.  I like to use this when I do my blow outs where my hair is straighter.  It holds my frizzy edges down nicely. It’s a pricey $15 but it’s worth it.

MAC Surf Bronzer Collection- Glitzy Bronze

I like to wear blush on my cheeks but this summer I came across this MAC bronzer “Glitzy Bronze” and I love it.  Especially after a long day in the sun, it really makes your skin pop when you go out for a night out on the town.  I apply it with a small blush brush ( made this up) and smooth it over my cheeks, nose, and temples.  Definitely helps with my radiant glow.

So there you have it! Just a few things that I have been using all summer.  If you like to share with me your daily products please do so in the comment box below.  I would love feedback and new ideas!

Erk Tha Jerk x Nerds Eye 2

Check out the second instillation to Nerds Eye View, from Bay Area’s own Erk Tha Jerk.  I’ve been an instant fan since I returned to the Bay Area and this project is far from a mixtape. I’m surprised the brotha gave this away cause I could definitely see his fans paying a pretty penny. Anyways, I’ve been on hiatus this whole weekend (not by choice) so this west coast artist brought me the flavor in all angles of hip hop.  Not to mention appearances from other dope bay area artists.  Take a listen for yourself and enjoy your weekend 🙂

Download link—–>> HERE

Come to his album release party for Nerds Eye 2, August 1st at Bay Area’s upcoming musical hangout Monday Soul at New Parish in Oakland. RSVP to doors open at 10:30 pm. Show starts at 11:30 pm!!!

Moe Green x Lion Heart EP (Download)

If you want to know anything about the progression of an artist and its take on the art of hip hop, check out the Vallejo reppin’, Moe Green and his latest EP “Lion Heart” which dropped this past Monday.  I had a chance to interview him right in the heat of his hunger and drive and let me tell you, he is not what I call up and coming, he is pretty much there. I always like to let new music/artists soak in and see how it can be applies to a 20-something, dreamer, and free thinker like myself and Lion Heart, has proved to be one of the realest and outspoken projects I’ve heard in awhile.  With the real life scenarios, relationships, and hardships, Moe Green allows you to continue the walk in shoes as he takes you on a journey that not only you can relate to but you will also respect.  If there is any message I can take from this one is to NEVER give up.  Enough of my explanation, cause this EP hardly needs one. Just know it has my approval.

“Right now all the wrong seems right, how I’mma wait for the future when I want right now”

(story of my life lol)

Download Lion Heart here.