My Secret to my Soft

Usually I wouldnt do this but I have been asked many times what products I use to compliment my curl pattern.  The two products that I use daily are called “Elasta Care Penetrating Moisturizer” and “Elasta Care Feels like Silk Gel”. I found out about Elasta Care through my friend Heather who was in beauty school. I wanted to rock the curly summer look without loosing my “out the shower” curls.

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Feels Like Silk Styling Gel

The secret to this particular styling Gel is that you do not have to apply it when just get out the shower.  I would only use a dime-sized amount spread it on my palms, then run my fingers through my hair. The silky feelings is blam and my hair never gets that unwanted snow storm after using it either.

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Elasta Care Penetrating Moisturizer

The key to healthy hair is MOISTURE. I cannot stress enough how I hate when my hair is dry and brittle.  Especially with kinky hair its not a good look to have a brittle pad on your head.  After washing my hair and when its wet, I like to apply it just to hold in the water moisture.  I’m telling you now, this moisturizer will last weeks and leave your hair feelings sooooo soft.

HU is going NATURAL

As I walk through the halls and eat in the cafeterias I notice something different about my peers.  All this natural, big and beautiful hair surrounds me.  Girls with fros, locks, and twists are seen around campus.

I am loving this fall because It is the first time I am being more appreciative of my hair and its existence.  However, my natural process has been a lot easier when I meet and talk to different women who have decided to go natural as well.  I could sit anywhere on campus, alone, and I will become approached and appreciated for my naturality. 

I do realize that there is no comparison between the two, but the whole idea that women are being more appreciative of what God has given them has been SPRINKLED throughout the campus….

Make sure that you exploit your creativity and if you feel like you want to go natural or dare to be different, do NOT second guess yourself because it will never happen.  It just makes me happy every day to see women at Hampton University embrasing their natural beauty and I thought I would share that with the world.

So happy, how about you?

Lady Gaga Represents for the Strange and Famous

49243998There is much rant and controversy with the whole “Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift” but do you guys see LADY GAGA?!

Lady Gaga graced the VMA’s with her creativity.  As the cameras were panning through the crowd she stood out like a sore thumb.  I couldnt understand, but I soon found out that she was in act the whole time.  She wore this odd masquerade ball outfit that did NOT compliment her body at all, as she set patiently in her seat waiting for her time to shine.

Lady Gaga’s performance was probably one of the best highlights of the evening.  The eye-popping, blood and gory inactments, is what made her stand out, let alone her costumes played a big role in her performances as well.  She sang “Paparazzi” and “Pokerface” as the crowd stood in amazement.

After winning Best New Artist, Lady Gaga appeared on stage with a lacey red outfit that covered her face. In her acceptance speach she made a statement that left my mind awkward. “I want to thank God and the Gays” Now, there has been many speculations of Lady Gaga being gay or a hermaphadite.  Even so, she was also made one of the jokes of the evening.  It still makes me wonder, but either way Lady Gaga is fabulous and shows true SELF EXPRESSION.

Reesa Speaks

6528_563487963851_41007846_32346041_6955090_nHello, Reesa here. I am about to embark you on a journey through my mind.  It will be random, but I promise you that you will like it.  As a Senior, Public Relations Major and English Arts minor at Hampton University, I have many experiences with Journalism and Writing and I’ve decided to share my experiences with you.

This may be my time of free expression, current news, or a bit of advice that I may want to share with my fellow peers.  I not only want to bring knowledge to my readers but also want to know what you want to READ. So make sure that you give me props when needed.

So sit back, relax, and watch the show!