Jay-Z Discusses the N-Word on Oprah

Today Jay-Z made one of his rare appearances with Oprah on her show today. I must add that he is the most sexiest-ugliest man that I can admit to. LoL anyways, Many aspects were discussed but I wanted to show you one that really hit home for me. (video Courtesy of worldhiphop.com)

I have my different views on the N-Word but I am in love with hip-hop and I feel that Oprah was being very biased by saying she doesnt support it, wait no more like a hyprocite.  Why would you invited Jay-Z onto your show and then say that you pretty much don’t support his music?  Out of pure ignorance the word “Nigga” has slipped out plenty of times in my casual conversation but I do recognize its history and significance to African-Americans. Jay makes a valid point saying

 “People give words power and we take the power out of the word”.

True. I understand where he is coming from when he says that, cause our generation today has took the power out of the word nigga and turned into something different, but I guess Oprah is like a gazillion generations down the line to understand.

What do Ya’ll think?

One thought on “Jay-Z Discusses the N-Word on Oprah

  1. Eva says:

    Jay-z said His generation took the power out of the “N” word. But saying you took the power out of a word or phase doesn’t make it so. If you were in a situation (not neceaaarily Jay-Z) but some of the “younger members of the Hip Hop Nation, were approached by some white people or any one that you did’t know or consider to be your friend and they said “what’s up! My “N—a”?. Tell me how you would feel and how you would RESPOND. Jay-Z may have wanted to, tried to and even Said he took the Power out of the “N” word,but saying it doesn’ make it so.And as 50+ year old nurse. I like Jay-Z. But as much money,prestige and power as he/hip hop nation may have; He does NOT have the power to change one’s individual feeling for a word. Yes you will have to wait until all of us over 50(and don’t read or remember history) DIE before you can say the power has gone out of the “N” word.

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