B Yung the Poet-“Summer’s Here”

This past Wednesday I attended Air Lounges “Hot Water Cornbread” Poetry night that happens every Wednesday at 8pm in downtown Oakland’s newest urban underground lounge.  There were many talented poets but what most caught my eyes, ears, and soul was a poet by the name of B Yung.  Brook Yung is young black man from Brooklyn, New York who just so happened to be traveling on tour and stopped by to share with us his passion for poetry.   He shares a love for composing music and writing poetry that he has been displaying on tour around the world for a living.  He’s traveled to China and Shanghai where he continues to discover and grow as an artist.

I was amazed by the feedback he received; finger snaps, ooh and aaahs, from the very eclectic audience of the evening.  He held his head high and kept his arms open as he spoke his original pieces from his Chapbook entitled “Summer’s Here”.  I have a poem excerpt from his website www.brookyoung.blogspot.com.

Red Sex Canteen

Fingers haunt the spine

Sweet fabric of moan

Gallery of kisses knotting

Gyrating flesh dessert; pink as salmon

Ritual of red heel and lace

Smooth buttons peeling, soft as sand

Skin static sizzling between stomachs

Hissing like an old record needle

Sweet wine of woman

Sweet slow burn of lust, silky stream of lashes

Tepid hearts roasting in the midnight of skin

Radiant after taste of moonlight

Blissful spine music, loose lantern of eyes

Innocent sex spell steaming like a small fever

Ocean wave of legs binding like string

Warm ink of eyes dripping,

Red sex canteen, Overload of lips

Small temper of nerve jumping in the skin

Nectarous thigh candy,

Naked tongue polish, slippery

House of bone melting

Penetrable leg meal

Old spice of eye voodoo

Sonnet of singing souls

Patient faint of dawn…

While scrolling through his blog I noticed his post on B. Yung’s Five Steps to being Successful:Capitalize, footwork,  show your face, and stay humble

As an artist whether it be poetry, music, or fashion it is important that you stay humble in your craft and really show your face; meaning in my words get your name out there, brand yourself and meet people that will help you become successful. B Yung’s personal steps can be great advice to anyone aspiring to be a successful artist today.

B. Young’s Chapbook is currently for purchase.  For more information on how you can learn more or support him as an artist please visit his website http://www.brookyung.blogspot.com

The Spotlight: …A Poets Tweets…

He goes by ASIM Terasu, you may seem him as @APoetsTweets, but I’ve always known him as William Hicks, a bay area native living in New Orleans living, breathing, and speaking his passion for Poetry. William “ASIM” started writing poetry in the fall of 2008,he was always interested in it but finally decided to put his thoughts to paper after taking a creative writing & poetry class. Some may think it takes a mastermind to write something so powerful, but for ASIM everything seemed to flow so naturally.
“ASIM means ‘And So It Manifests’ and Terasu is Japanese for Enlightment,” he finally explains to me and I couldn’t have described him any better. With influences from great artists like Erykah Badu to enlighten him, ASIM writes poetry and spits versus over songs at his local community events and even shares his art through twitter. With our music industry rapidly changing with the new pop culture, there have been many misconceptions on whether or not Hip-Hop is still alive. Do you think it died? I asked him how he felt on this issue, and in his own words:

“Hip-Hop is still alive as long as we don’t forget what it means to us. Hip-Hop can have a different meaning to, and is interpreted differently by everyone. To one person, Hip-Hop is telling a story which in turn teaches a lesson. To the next person, Hip-Hop may be just about partying and having a good time. It’s free form expression. It flows and changes and evolves just like anything on this planet. So for me to say Hip-Hop is dead in its current state, I would be disregarding someone else’s interpretation of what Hip-Hop is. My advice to those who don’t enjoy certain types of Hip-Hop: Don’t listen to it!”

I have selected a piece from ASIM’s twiturm entitled “Off Limits” which is a poem he wrote that he spits over Common and D’Angelo’s “So Far to Go”. RIP to JDilla.

Twiturm.com – ASIM – Off Limits.

For more of his poems please visit http://twiturm.com/s2k0w and not only support him but inspire him to follow his passion….


Dedicated to my Readers.

This is for you guys, thanks for being so supportive of me. It’s entitled…The Writer.

Free my mind, free your spirit

Easily written but hardly spoken.

Who is that woman you think of?

I’ll stimulate your mind, and have sex with your intellect

Photographer, your inspirations, documentarian, my wisdom.

You don’t happen to know about what going on in our world?

My everlasting story, from the page turning and my paper scribbling

To my thoughts unwinding

To my intelligence unfolding

To make my fingers breathing

From the flow of the pen

All from within

I am your writer.