Tyra Launches “The Real Size” Contest. . .

“I’ve always felt it was my mission to expand the narrow perceptions of beauty; through ‘America’s Next Top Model,” says Tyra Banks about launching a Teen Plus Size Model Search.  This time around, Tyra is looking for more curvier and fabulous teens ages 13-19 to enter to win the “Fiercely Real Model Search”.  To enter, you must be between the sizes 12-20, and the winner will win a one-year contract with Millinieum modeling, a photo spread and cover photo on Tyra’s online magazine, and a spread on a popular fashion magazine.

I applaud Trya Banks effort to include all types of women, different shapes and sizes. Young teens undergo alot of insecurities involving their personal appearance and this a chance for girls who may not be able to fit into “Forever 21” or “Limited Too” a chance to exploit their beauty.  I’m excited to see what gorgeous girls come forth and embark on this contest.

With society today, the normal sizes are now between 12-16, do you feel that women should no longer be called “Plus Sized” but instead “Real Sized”? Tyra is currently doing a poll and I want to know what you think also.

If you would like to enter to win go to http://tyrashow.warnerbros.com/fun/teenmodelsearch/registration.php and submit for photos to get you started! Goodluck and spread the word!

3:33 p.m.

Her twitter post read @fatbellybella   “At 3:33 pm Tomorrow . Friday . The official leak … erykahbadu.com”

To my fellow badu lovers, I literally waited until 6:33 p.m. eastern time, exactly to run to the computer just to hear the new track “Jump in The Air” feat lil wayne and Bilal. It’s CRAZY!

go check it out wwww.erykahbadu.com

100 Days.

Today marks the 100 day countown to graduation at Hampton University.  My fellow senior gathered for a celebration in our student center to bring what we call “12-2” back!  Greeks, organizations, classmates of all ages, helped to kick-off our countdown weekend.  Here’s just a snippet of our 100 day celebration….

Early in the Morning. . .

I did my own spin from the poem “Early in the Morning” by Li-Young Lee.  He’s a beautiful poet, so hope you enjoy my pracitce.

Early in the Morning

As my breathe weakens and my thoughts get heavy

I watch as he glides from on top of me and faints into his pillow

The ray of sunshine glistens on his chest

And the white sheets softens his grasp

Slowly he moves from my thoughts to the bathroom

My eyes begin to feel soft like the midnight clouds.

He stands erect, stands powerful

Every crevice and muscle outline our struggle and my admiration for

His Chocolate skin, mesmerizes

Makes our love feel everlasting to me.

Mirror image

I see my eyes gazing

Clutching the clouds

Our moist white sheets

Wishing he’d never leave,

Into the world where my

Darkest midnight,

Will not be able to breathe.

But as he holds my round cheek

Kiss my full ripened lips

Touches my tender breasts

Our minds meet

And our souls

Can finally breathe.

McQueen’s Spring Line goes Futuristic

Yes, you probably seen the trendsetter herself, Lady Gaga rocking a pair of McQueens funky shoes in her music video “Bad Romance”.

This spring Alexander McQueen shoe line has reached creativity that will catch anyone’s eye.   His line has really reached the future with the alienistic, out of this world designes that will be gracing the runways and pretty soon the streets.

You wouldn’t catch me in a pair of any of these, but I definitely give kudos to those that are bold enough to stand on their tippy toes for fashion!

New Trend: Black Women Dating outside their Race

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This past weekend I’ve caught myself smiling at a couple on Grandby St. walking hand-in-hand. Not because they looked trendy in their tailored peacoats but more so because they were an interracial couple openly walking on a saturday night.  The black women looked very proud as she held her head high and passed me with her white man grinning from ear-to-ear next to her.  I couldn’t help but to smile back because I was happy that she was happy.

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But the question arises, why is that more black women are starting to date white men? Is it because there are a lack of black men available? Maybe they just don’t want us?  My excuse to moving forth outside of our race and culture is because black men have seem to given up on us. We can sit around moping and complaining about black men not doing right but if they aren’t then move on to someone who would. (obviously homegirl caught the trend)  I’m pretty sure there are plenty of men outside your own race who are willing to give, provide, and recieve the love and companianship that a black man may not do at this point in time. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t knock the brothas, but there has been a difference of reasons as to why black women date outside their race.  Black men use “Angry Black Women” as an excuse and so if your own kind doesn’t approve, use the excuse of  their disaproval to move on.

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