Skinny Jeans to Indie Pop- Bobby Brackins takes on LA

What was once the high school heart-throb in the bay area, california, has now moved on to bigger and better things.  Bobby Brackins aka Young Bob could be known for his raspy unique ryhmes in the hit single “Ride or Die Chick” that was produced by his group Go Dav.  For those that are not from Northern California, Bobby Brackins contribution to the “Hyphy Movement” was a great one.

l_de7206afe8094d30ba325de8255ec957Thanks to Social Networking I was able to re-connect with him after many years of being away from California myself.  I was happy that he remembered me and I was delighted in his accomplishments as a black male coming out of Oakland and making a name for himself.  He was willing to catch me up on my life and I was enlighted to share with the world.

Ive known you since high school when you and your group “Go Dav” produced a hot bay area song “Ride or Die Chick”, what have you or your grab have been doing since then?

After “Ride or Die Chick” got popular we signed with T-Pain’s manager and got offers for several labels, but we were young somewhat foolish and didnt hop on the right opportunites. There was personal problems within the group and eventually we decided to go our seperate ways. I have a whole new team I’m working with now that is putting a lot of time and energy into making my solo project a success.

“Skinny Jeans” is my first solo single that had been getting radio play and I re-shot the video with Colin Tilley for its MTV debut.  -I must add that this song is ROCKIN’

Why did you move to LA?

I moved to La because I know I have the drive and talent to make it in the music industry and I had already made every connection in the bay that I could. La is where I need to be to start reaching a broader national audience. I am more focused than ever living out here.

What type of artist are you? and what music artisits do you relate to or get your inspiration from?

I’m just a recording artist that makes quality music and I inspire others to want to be a good as me. I listen to Andre 3000, Kanye, Kid Cuddi, Young Dro, Wayne and Drake, and Too-short.

How do you feel about what was/ or is the “Hyphy Movement”? and do you feel you contributed to it as an artist?

The Hyphy movement was a strong force at one point. My music personally wasn’t that type of genre, but it gained national exposure so it brought a lot of attention to the bay, and my home town Oakland

To listen to his tracks and get connected with this Rising Artists Check him out Here:

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