LoveBrownSugar & GabiFresh Curvy Girl’s Guide to Fall

Shout out to for the post their latest Curvy Girl Muse with Gabi Fresh and Christina Brown.  Check out these fashion bloggers 5 Fall Must Haves… You don’t have to be curvy to agree on these key staples for when the new season.

  1. Cropped Pants (check)
  2. Silk Blouse (check)
  3. Statement Jewelry ( I need more!)
  4. Leather Jacket (check)
  5. Satement Wedges (all I wear!)

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“Young, Black, and Amazing” – Advice from the New Essence Editor-In-Chief

I’ve always read the editor’s column of Essence magazine, but it was brought to my attention (from my mentor Rachel) how beautiful and brown skin representin’ the new Editor-In-Chief is, Constance C.R. White.  Not only is she representing women of color in the print industry, she’s rocking her fro loud and proud.  It’s always a surprise to see new faces, new management, and new writers in your favorite magazine but her work has been well received and I really appreciate it.

This month’s issue discussed all aspects of black women power.  In her column entitled, “Young, Black and Amazing”, I was not only reminded how amazing it is to be black woman but she gave some great advice for us twentysomethings.  It’s really hard out here and through dissapointments and challenges we face when establishing a career its always good to have a support system of powerful black women to look up to. Constance White is definitely a powerful black woman to look up to and so her advice month hit room for me.

She listed 15 things a YBA should know so here are a few:

1. Ask yourself, what do I want to be doing at 40?

2. Make a plan and work it. You can tweak it along the way.

3. Reach out. You don’t have to do it alone. We’re here for you.

4. Save a little bit every week, even a single dollar

5. Don’t accept negative things others say about you. If they have an observation, tell them to make it constructive

6. You are responsible for your actions

7. Video dancer is not a profession.

“Whatever you dream, there is a Black woman who has done it. You can do it, too.”

You can follow her on twitter @CWhiteEssence and of course he column monthly on Essence 🙂

Does Reggie Exemplify Black Love?

Essence Magazine has selected Reggie Bush to grace their cover of the love & relationships issue on february.  Of course sex sells, and from looking at this chocolate piece of work, who wouldnt want to pass him up on the magazine stand.  But just recently there has been alot of backlash about Reggie Bush being the perfect face of the cover of a “Black Love” issue.  With his girlfiend, Kim Kardasian being non-black it makes me wonder how he can be an example of “Black Love”?   It was his choice to not date a black woman, so it should not be fair out of all of the many successful black men for Reggie Bush to take the spotlight.  I feel that Bush doesn’t publicly show his love for his own race and black women at that so why should he be on the cover.  He looks good, but that’s about it.

What do You Think?