She’s baaaaaack! But she never left in my heart.  With this whole comparison between M.I.A and Lady Gaga to be honest I see none at all.  They are both unique and different, that’s my only comparison. And can you say fashion moguls?  M.I.A just released her first single “XXXO” to her upcoming third album.  This Sri-Lankan artist is continuing with her signature sound but giving us a more flirty edge.  Take a listen!

Why Don’t You Love Me?

The queen of writing every girl’s anthems, Beyonce, takes a backseat as her sister Solange writes the song “Why Don’t You Love Me” and releases the video on twitter for all her fans to see.  Of course Beyonce is taking a break, however, whether she’s in the studio or not you will not forget about this diva.  If you haven’t already here is the 50’s inspired music video to “Why Don’t You Love Me”.

#MusicMonday Macy Gray

I’ve always been a fan of the rather interesting and different vocalist Macy Gray.  She’s back with a new single from her studio album entitled “The Sellout”.  Her video “Beauty In the World” reminds me of the spring time. I think it’s funny she’s standing in front of the watts towers with this multi-cultural cheerleading team. I would say I’m confused but it’s Macy Gray and I love her so check the video out. LoL

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