Review: The Karate Kid Remake

A must see. Grab your little hard headed boys and take them to see the remake of “Karate Kid” starring the Will Smith offspring, Jaden Smith.  They might actually learn something besides the new kung fu move or how to break a leg.  Ever since his debut in Pursuit of Happiness I have found him to be one of the very few child actors that stand out in Hollywood.  Through determination, wit, and charisma, Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) works together with the maintenance man (Jackie Chan) to overcome his fear of getting beat up by the school bullies in China.  His mother’s job transfers them to China and he has to learn to adapt and adjust to his new surroundings.  The whole time he discovers friendships and learns a culture that practices discipline in everyday life.  Not to spoil it for you but Dre Parker learns a lesson that could be applied to the whole family; if you fall down it is your choice to get back up.

“Sex and the City 2”: The Afro Chic’s Non-Spoiler

No this is NOT a spoiler review but I will say that just like most sequels, “Sex and the City 2” has hurt my soul.  I am hoping that there is another sequel that I don’t know about or I’m going back to watching the re-runs.  It’s funny to me how Carrie Bradshaw was the same in her ways in the movie, and gets away with it.  Pretty unrealistic if you ask me.

Ladies all over the world, flooded movie theatres at exactly 12:01 a.m. with their cosmos, stilettos, dresses and girlfriends.  I stayed up all night just to be slightly dissapointed from the plot line.  But don’t get me wrong the fashion was to die for, who else lounges around their house as if they are on the runway for New York Fashion Week.  It makes me want to go shopping, Thank Goodness for Labor Day Weekend!

Overrall, If you are going to see “Sex and the City 2” for a sequel just hold out until later or don’t get your hopes up because the one that get’s the most action is Samantha Jones; all the other drama could’ve been saved in possible episode series.

Too much like Wright?


I went to go see “Just Wright” starring Common, Paula Patton, and Queen Latifah on opening night and caught myself predicting every scene.  I loved the concept of the movie, the gorgeous cousin gets the basketball player, then the diamond in the rough stills him away and they fall madly in love, on accident.  It’s cute to me, but I feel that the sexy and talented artist Common just didn’t fit the role.  He wasn’t aggressive enough for me, I wanted more from him and I just didn’t get it.  Some music artists are fit for the acting in Hollywood.  So as the Afro Chic, I’d give this movie a B.  Go check it out for yourself, but if you aren’t a die hard Common fan I’d catch it on redbox.