Wale – Lotus Flower Bomb ft. Miguel (Video)

Check out the latest visual for Wale’s sensational “Lotus Flower Bomb” featuring one of America’s Next Top Model’s Bre Scullark.  To be honest, I’m not at all impressed by this video and I am still upset they cut her hair off in the all star season but nonetheless, Wale always looks handsome!

Red Bull Academy – Erykah Badu talks Dilla, The Beginning, and Relationships (Interview)

Shout out to Red Bull Academy’s annual series for the full interview on Erykah Badu in Madrid 2011 where she gave the ultimate breakdown of her relationship with Dilla, the beginnings of her music, and what inspires her today.  I’d like to say that she is one of my top ten favorite artists but somehow I learned a lot from the two hour interview (took me a couple days).  Check it out!

Lecture: Erykah Badu (Madrid 2011) from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo.

(Just a side note, it was interesting how she said she always played the wifey in her relationships. All them kids girl…hmmm lol)

Black Girls Rock Solutes Youth in Community

After a long day of work, I tuned into BET for Black Girls Rock 2011 where I immediately turned my frown upside down. As I watched the second annual celebration of black women in business, politics, community service, and sports I couldn’t help but get a warm feeling of empowerment. A few of the most influential and powerful women graced the stage; Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Angel Davis, Shirley Cesar, and Tichina Arnold shouting out words of wisdom, reflection, and remembrance of why black girls rock.  Although there were many honorees, the youth recognition to community service stood out the most to me.

The co-hosts Traci Ellis Ross and Regina King introduced a fashion model and DJ by the name of Mari Malek. She is the co-founder of Southern Sudan Initiatives, a charity catering to the lost boys and girls and overcoming the hardships of Sudan, Africa. By incorporating Healthcare, Agriculture, Business, clean water, and Education Southern Sudan Initiatives plans to rebuild the community, lives, and give hope to the people of Southern Sudan.

Not only did I find this recognition of community service empowering but it was the fact that Mari Malek is a young model with dreams and goals with one being her priority to give back.  Ye,  she is in the fashion industry and yes, she DJ’s in New York, but she also has made an effort and dedicated apart of herself to give back to her own community in Sudan.  My only hope in life is to do what I love by making a difference in someone’s life. I love Black Girls Rock for giving us a platform and so it was only right for me to highlight what I liked best about the awards show tonight.

If you would like more info on Black Girls Rock Inc. and Mari Malek you may click the links below: