I.V.A.N x Never Marry A Musician

A lot of artists dropped new music on Valentine’s Day and I thought it was only right to give this Bay Area bred emecee some spotlight. I.V.A.N released Never Marry A Musician and the buzz has been well received.  In this album you will find artistry that goes above the typical hip hop trend.  I.V.A.N has selections on here that display his creativity and his ability to naturally stand out.  One of the tracks that I liked was “Monterey” where he tells a story about the day in his life, his goals, feelings, and aspirations. If you never been to Monterey it really is a beautiful city to visit along the California coastline and I could totally visualize his reflection behind it.  Never Marry A Musician is a great compilation if you want to stimulate your creative senses.  Take a listen, download, and support good music!

Download Never Marry A Musician here

The Real Housewives of Civil Rights

I thought this was hilarious and then it snapped me back to reality because I do watch Real Housewives of Atlanta and they act the same way.  What if the women of the Civil Rights movement were really like this?  All the reality shows portraying women, especially black women to be catty, gold digging, and ignorant. I mean, I’m not gonna lie, my prime time hours are consumed with gossip, drama, and laughs however, I need take note that we aren’t taking one step forward but rather two steps back. Oh and let me not get into Wayne Brady….  uh, Happy Black History Month?

Chris Turner x Liquid Love

I was doing my usual coffee shop day when my friend decided to bless my afternoon with this Oakland born New York, Chris Turner.  He mentioned how he was his favorite and if I liked Jesse Boykins, Eric Roberson, or Bilal,  I would appreciate his artistry as well.  “Liquid Love” is his first single off his soon to be realeased EP entitled “LOVEchild” It was produced by The Stuyvesants, written & Arranged by himself & MeLo-X.  I look forward to hearing more of his work. Check out the song and tell me what you think!

Download Here

Theophilus London x Flying Overseas

And finally this visual for “Flying Overseas”.  I absolutely love this video not only do I think this is a great song and he’s a dope up and coming artist, but his leading lady is dark skinned and GORGEOUS….not to mention I want her outfits for spring.   (I thought I’d give dark skinned natural women praise for a moment)  “Flying Overseas” features Devonte Hynes and Solange Knowles on the hook and is his second single off Green Label Sound.  The setting is familiar because it was shot on the beach of Malibu.  Thomas and his director give their explanation of the creation of the video saying,

“I wanted the video to be less concept-y and very minimal,” said London. “A very personal and emotional visual piece.” The outcome is full of psychedelic elements. “The technique for creating the datamosh effects was different from anything our crew had done before,” said director Tim Nackashi. “We filmed Theophilus’ face and fed that into the computer as data. It was a great experiment. Theophilus is a true artist.”

You can find more info on Theophilus London and the featured download like here

Valentine’s Day Music Monday: The Afro Chic’s Picks

I would like to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s day, and may you continue to spread love 365 days of the year. Take a long some of the music that has been inspired by DJ’s, artists, and other creative influences and use it to spread your love to your special Valentine.  Whether you are single, in love, or in like, Valentine’s Day is for you. These are a few of my picks for your #musicmonday this week, enjoy lovebirds!

Love University Volume 2 (Mission Impossible)

A fellow HU Alum, DJ Marvalous goes in on the mixtapes so the anticipation was well worth it. The songs on this love tape can be listened to year around, download here

Modern Music Group: Abir x Overdue (unfinished snippet)

DC based group has launched their music mondays with Artist, Abir Haronni, as she serenades you with their Valentine’s Day edition of the unfinished track, Overdue.

The Love E.P by Corinne Bailey Rae

I absolutely love Corrine Bailey Rae, she is one of my favorites so I will definitely be keeping her EP in rotation. Awesome!

Download on iTunes Here

Seph Ade x So Beautiful

Check out Seph Ade’s most recent EP Love Acoustically, and look out for his new work coming at the end of this month!

And Valentine’s Day Weekend Begins. . .

Although is supposed to be a special day to share your love for one another it also makes all the single people in the world aware that they are actually SINGLE lol. In honor of that I decided to plan a girls day and go for brunch with my this weekend with my single friends.  I am not down for the sulking and depression that these commercialized holidays cause my fellow peers so I’m going to get out there and enjoy myself and share the love with my friends and family.  With that said, check out this new mixtape that just dropped “Single Awareness Day 3”, I came across on www.dctobc.com

This compilation is not full of your depressed love songs and will not leave you with a terrible reminder as to why you are single.  I’m all for Valentine’s day, but we all have to remember that you should share your appreciation for you friends, family, co-workers, teachers, mentors, or just anyone that has effected you in a positive way.  I may not get a Valentine this year, and I may not find the love of my life but I will continue to spread my love for all.

So for ladies and gents, get out there and spread LOVE 🙂

Download Here: Singles Awareness Day 3 [S.A.D #3: The Mix Compilation]