Red Hook Summer – The Church uncensored

Many of you probably thought you’ve seen the last Spike Lee film, but were soon surprised when he released his newest joint entitled Red Hook Summer in late August. It was portrayed to be about a story of a boy named “Flik” (Jules Brown) spending the summer with his grandfather,Bishop Enoch Rouse  (Clark Peters) .  What I thought would be a coming of age story was actually a rude awakening to the controversies of the church.  However, the relationship between his summer friend, Chazz (Toni Lysaith), eased the tension off Flik making him more aware of his surroundings beyond the “suburban life” in his hometown. Spike Lee did an excellent job at conveying the church setting by captivating the white Jesus, dramatic preaching styles, and the strict rules that Bishop enoch Rouse tried to live by.
Not to give a spoil alert, but this film had nothing to do with coming of age and lot’s to do with family secrets. I’d like to focus on one character, Flik’s mom.  It wasn’t until the end that you find out why she snubbed her father, won’t look him in the eye, and questioned why she even brought him to Red Hook in the first place.  I know Spike Lee made her character undeveloped for a reason but it makes me wonder why a mother wouldn’t want their child regardless of the relationship, to be around a man who has molested a boy in the past.  Many churches put issues like this under the table and try to hush the situation; in this case the preacher was given a “love offering” to go away and never come back.  He then gave it to his daughter to live in Atlanta, where I believe it was as an apology.
I’m not going to use this post to ramble on about my interpretations of the movie, but I’m more curious to what your thoughts are on Red Hook Summer.  What are your thoughts on Red Hook Summer? The Characters? and how do you feel about the overall theme? Share in the comment box 🙂
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“Look Like You Give a Damn”- Nivea ad to Re-Civilize Men

The Nivea ad for men has been quite the buzz in the past 24 hours.  I’ve shared my thoughts all over the net but I’m curious to know what your take is on it.  In the above ad, the black man is throwing his own head which is an unruly afro and beard, portraying to the black male demographic to “Re-Civilize Yourself”.  (Note: The caucasian ad doesn’t say re-civilize) so what’s going on here?  To be honest, I don’t even use Nivea products because they dry my skin out, however, this campaign comes off as very offensive to those who wear their hair natural or like to have beards.  Then again, I am not surprised by these ad agencies trying to capture the minority demographic but I do suggest they add more diversity to their team cause this should’ve never slipped through the board room.

What do you guys think about the Nivea ad? Is it too much? or are we (people of color) too much into it?


What Black Woman can learn from the Kardasians? LOL


I came across an article today on hufington post  that had a very catchy title, black women, learning, and Kardasians were all three of the words that stookdout to me.  It tickled my soul to know that the other Yolanda Young would write a book about black women not being able to keep their black men.  To be honest its 2010, and I’m tired of this interracial dating contravery, date who you want to but don’t blame anyone else but yourself.  I am not going to sit here and compare myself to Kim Kardasian because for one, I will not make myself famous by sucking some D-list celebrity (Ray-J) penis and have some mandigo fetish just to capture some black man.  If it wasn’t for Kim her family would not be as “successful” if I must say so myself, and Khloe is just known by association.

So there you have it, Black men are the most hated and wanted in America, and it so happens that White women want themselves a piece.  There are plenty of men who appreciate their own race and want to marry themselves a black woman so having this whole ordeal about taking lessons from white women so we can keep our men, is not going to cut it for me.  We as black women need to stop worrying about what white men are doing, and worry about what we need to do to better ourselves for ourselves….and the men? they will always be there.

New Trend: Black Women Dating outside their Race

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This past weekend I’ve caught myself smiling at a couple on Grandby St. walking hand-in-hand. Not because they looked trendy in their tailored peacoats but more so because they were an interracial couple openly walking on a saturday night.  The black women looked very proud as she held her head high and passed me with her white man grinning from ear-to-ear next to her.  I couldn’t help but to smile back because I was happy that she was happy.

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But the question arises, why is that more black women are starting to date white men? Is it because there are a lack of black men available? Maybe they just don’t want us?  My excuse to moving forth outside of our race and culture is because black men have seem to given up on us. We can sit around moping and complaining about black men not doing right but if they aren’t then move on to someone who would. (obviously homegirl caught the trend)  I’m pretty sure there are plenty of men outside your own race who are willing to give, provide, and recieve the love and companianship that a black man may not do at this point in time. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t knock the brothas, but there has been a difference of reasons as to why black women date outside their race.  Black men use “Angry Black Women” as an excuse and so if your own kind doesn’t approve, use the excuse of  their disaproval to move on.

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