NYE Recap – Erykah Badu @ The Fox Theatre Oakland

New Years Eve has always been a nervous feeling me. Pondering plans on how I’m going to spend my last few moments of the year gives me anxiety; hell if you’re indecisive like me making plans in general will give you anxiety. While I juggled the club idea, couch potato idea, or the secret destination idea my thoughts brought me back to music. What better way to bring in the New Year in my hometown of Oakland, California with one of my favorite artists of all time, ERYKAH BADU. It was the perfect night to celebrate, dance, reflect, and of course scream and cry tears of joy and excitement.

Photo by Reesa

My best friend and I were front row in the newly renovated Fox Theatre and stood there for hours just five feet away from a phenomenal crowd pleasure, Erykah.   She was mid “yaaaayoooo” when the clock struck midnight and I couldn’t even wish everyone blowing up my phone Happy New Year cause of the musical trance she had put us in. Balloon drop, countdown, confetti, the beat drops, but no New Years kiss this time.  Just happiness and excitement for a new beginnings and another chance to be great!

photo (13)

I’ve grown to hate writing concert reviews however I couldn’t pass up on this one.  So, instead of a long drawn out description you probably won’t read, check out these moments I’ve captured:

photo (4)
Erykah9 Erykah10 Erykah5 Erykah

Photo By Reesa

photo by Reesa

Photos by Reesa

New Year, New Me, New You, New Us.  .  . .Can you say that again?

Flaming Lips & Erykah Badu – First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Cover)

Wow. I’m going to leave my commentary to myself on this one, however, I will let it be known that I am a Badu fan til the death of me.  Check out this experimental video with the Flaming Lips featuring Erykah Badu and her sister (The naked body) Nayrok.  Badu is known for her controversial videos but I think this one is the icing on the cake. Or should I say the sperm on the booty. Oops! Watch and comment!

Erkyah Badu x Out My Mind Just in Time (Visual)

Creative Control does it again.  Check out the visual for one of my favorite songs “Out of My Mind Just in Time” by Erkyah Badu.  I love the simplicity of the video, because they lyrics and concept are FAR from it. I think I will go do some twirling and dancing in my room now. . .tooshaay. lol

OUT MY MIND JUST IN TIME from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Erykah Badu’s Set at Coachella 2011

Check out Erykah Badu’s set at Coachella this past weekend (Saturday) where she performed a very long set (45 mins) entertaining the crowd with her creativity as usual while giving them quite a bit of her discography. She did my favorite of hers, can you guess which one? Enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

What is GroupThink?

Erykah Badu aired her music video for “Window Seat” which stirred up alot of thinking processes for many this weekend.  Over twitter @fatbellybella she told us that she had less than an hour to do the video and when she got butt naked she had to run like hell afterwards.  I thought this video sent out a perfect message about “Group Think”; defined as not individual, narrow minded, and pretty much how are society operates today.  She went against the grain and was sending out a message in the most simplest way possible.  If you look beyond her naked stroll of downtown Dallas you too will understand the message, but then again maybe you wont. Enjoy!

p.s. What is your opinion/critique on the music video? Please share.

3:33 p.m.

Her twitter post read @fatbellybella   “At 3:33 pm Tomorrow . Friday . The official leak … erykahbadu.com”

To my fellow badu lovers, I literally waited until 6:33 p.m. eastern time, exactly to run to the computer just to hear the new track “Jump in The Air” feat lil wayne and Bilal. It’s CRAZY!

go check it out wwww.erykahbadu.com