Twitter Vs. CNN

I’m guilty. I found about the death of Michael Jackson, not through the newspaper, or the morning news, but on TWITTER.  Believe it or not, The new social site “Twitter” has cause great disruption to the innovation of newspapers, radio, tv, and even tradtional news internet sites.  We no longer check our newspapers at the breakfast table, or tune into the radio on our early morning communite to work.  Blackberry’s, iPhones, and mobile internet, are going crazy with the new craze twitter; even stars are the new addicts.


I wanted to do a comparison with Twitter and CNN and to see what the differences and similarities are:

Twitter is has tending topics where CNN has hot topics that you can follow. Twitter has a subscription where you are given a login name so that you may participate in your own updates. When you publish your own updates you can choose to have them viewed by the public or just your followers (subcribes to ur updates). CNN is known for their live breaking news as well as international and local news.  Reporters and the newsroom are responsible for what gets put on the website and it is not free to the public. Twitter shows life breaking news, as well as different entertainment; opinions on Television, sports, celebrities, and more.  This is where the opinion and participation take place. CNN does have viewer participation but self-expression is limited and screeened.  You can view CNN updates like breaking news and the weather on your phone application . Twitter has enhanced into a phone application for almost every phone and can be accessed on mobile web.  With just one click you can access new music downloads, youtube videos, horoscope, advertisement, and different popular blogs. Twitter also has great interaction with celebrities like Oprah, P. Diddy, President Barack Obama, from comedians to actors, and music artists all over the world. CNN has resources to find a job, post a resume, and is powered by Google so that you can find and do anything from their website. CNN is powered by professionals and the website layout is very professional and clean.  Twitter has a laidback atmosphere although many professional have joined twitter and follower certain people and companies for business reasons.   The layout design for twitter is very cartoon-like and more appealing to the eye.
So there you have it, social media is taking over what was once disruptive innovation.  The credibility of newspapers, radio, and television can now be found on twitter, facebook, youtube, and wordpress itself.

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