British Songstress Watch: Kadija Kamara x Talking 2 Myself

Europe is taking over, slowly but surely these soul artists are creeping into my speakers and making a statement for music today.  Check out upcoming British artist, Kadija Kamara and her official single “Talking 2 Myself” which is off her latest EP Changes.  She’s caught my attention with her soulful sound and gorgeous mane. The video you see below is of her accompanied by her guitar roaming the streets of London portraying the idea of getting attention and heard as an artist.

Her Changes Album EP was released in February of this year and be downloaded here.

Music Monday: Play x Goapele

About damn time! Check out new music, “Play” by Goapele which is on her upcoming album Break of Dawn, set to be released October 25th.  Her sound is sexier and smoother this time so it will be interesting to know what she’s been working on all this time.

Press play and tell me what you think?

Morning Inspiration: Jill Scott x Hear My Call (Video)

Good Morning to you all.  Thought I’d share with you Jill Scott’s newest video off her album Light of the Sun entitled “Hear My Call”.  This is one of my favorite songs off her album.  We all need spiritual healing sometimes and so if you listen to the words you can possibly relate these feelings to your own personal life. I love how vulnerable she makes herself in this visual, not to mention her voice is always breathe taking.  Enjoy!

Nightie Aphrodites x New York Times Magazine Celebrates Afros

“How to pull of a Heartbreaking evening gown? Just Use Your Head.”

This is so dope.  The New York Times magazine, “T”, fall fashion 2011 shows off Afros in a black and white spread by Alice O’Malley.  The natural hotties are of course Solange, Esperanza Spalding, Les Nubians, June Temple, and Corrine Bailey Rae.  They are modeling beautiful evening gowns and their gorgeous natural hair.   Which one is your favorite photo?

Vibrant Doll x “Live Life in Color”

Check out this super cute fashion line “Live Life in Color” by Bionca of Vibrant Doll.  As creator of her own online publication catering to fashion, beauty, and music Bionca has extended her brand onto cute babydoll tees, and crop tops that have been the ultimate staple for the summer. “A doll is a woman or girl who lives life vibrantly.  They are confident, motivated, and inspired.” Bionca explains, “They are beautiful individuals who accomplish their goals be the person they always dreamed of being.”

If you love color and getting dolled up, I suggest you support her line and purchase a shirt for only $34.  A birdy told me she’s in the works for an accessory line so keep Vibrant Doll on your style watch and support!

Click here for the Vibrant Doll Online Store —->>

Natural Hair Parade 2011 is the Labor of Love

Shout outs to fearless magazine, because I had no idea there was such thing as a Natural Hair Parade.  Supported and sponsored by recording artist Erykah Badu, The Natural Hair Parade and Festival 2011 will take place in Dallas Texas September 3rd.  Founded by natural hair pioneer and stylist, Isis Brantley, explains in a recent interview on PR web, “We chose September 3rd, because it is a labor of love. We are calling for sponsors, schools, churches,community organizations, bands, clubs, parents, and children of all ages to join us as we celebrate and share knowledge.”

If you are local, come out and support. For more details visit the event website here.

“Look Like You Give a Damn”- Nivea ad to Re-Civilize Men

The Nivea ad for men has been quite the buzz in the past 24 hours.  I’ve shared my thoughts all over the net but I’m curious to know what your take is on it.  In the above ad, the black man is throwing his own head which is an unruly afro and beard, portraying to the black male demographic to “Re-Civilize Yourself”.  (Note: The caucasian ad doesn’t say re-civilize) so what’s going on here?  To be honest, I don’t even use Nivea products because they dry my skin out, however, this campaign comes off as very offensive to those who wear their hair natural or like to have beards.  Then again, I am not surprised by these ad agencies trying to capture the minority demographic but I do suggest they add more diversity to their team cause this should’ve never slipped through the board room.

What do you guys think about the Nivea ad? Is it too much? or are we (people of color) too much into it?


Siaira Shawn x Unthinkable (Cover)

I’ve been keeping up with this Bay Area songstress, Siaira Shawn since I met her this past winter and so it’s only right to share with you guys her passion for music.  Siaira Shawn was born and raised in San Francisco where she discovered her passion for the arts and developed into a songwriter, songstress, educator, purveyor of Esthestics. Check out her recent cover for Alicia Key’s “Unthinkable” which makes the first of her series compilation that you can download.  He debut 3 song EP “Where You Are” is highly anticipated to hit your iTunes store really soon.

Oakland Creative + BLKPXL Films presents Siaira Shawn from BLK PXLS on Vimeo.

Jesse Boykins III x Back Home (Mermaids and Dragons) Video

Check out the visual for Jesse Boykins II “Back Home (Mermaids and Dragons).  “We are the reawakening of the romantic movement”- as he likes to call it and I couldn’t agree more.  This video was directed by Dr. Woo and shot by both Dr. Woo and Jesse himself on his travels. Makes me want to visit New York City even more! You can download his whole Compaliation “Way Of A Wayfarer” at .

P.S. I envy his big natural blow outs!

Clif Soulo x Pacific Standard Time (EP Album)

If anyone has ever met him in person or follow his musical journey through Social Media, you will instantly discover that he is one smooth brotha. I’d like to say that all weekend I felt like my little Nissan Maxima was a drop top Chevy cruising down Highway 101 while listening to Clif Soulo’s “Pacific Standard Time”.  Clif is an Oakland bred emecee who naturally knows how to put the “Soul” in his records and it shows through his presence and the reaction it has on his fans.

I haven’t had a chance to see him live, but I’m sure if you check out his second album you will want to see what he’s all about. Finding his passion at the Age of 11, Clif Soulo took his career up a notch in 2010 where he released  Vol.1 of his new mixtape series, “I Wish These Were My Beats”.   The compilation consisted of dope ryhmes over popular beats.

Pacific Standard Time is exactly what it is, straight west coastin’ with songs like “HWY 101”, “Playistic”, and “Clif’s Groove”.  My favorite of the compilation is “Toast” which features fellow Bay Area artists 1 O.A.K and songstress Netta Brielle.  I’d like to call it the summer anthem where you step out on the weekends, toast to drinks, put all your worries behind and live your best fabulous life.  Other songs like “4 Tha Radio” and “She’s Dope” makes sure to appeal to different audiences where he speaks his mind about radio hits, his drive for his music, and even his love for Mary Jane.  Overall, Pacific Standard Time is a heating up August so download his album for free and see for yourself!

Download link—-> Pacific Standard Time