HU celebrates QueLuptuous

No, these aren’t the dancers off the Monique Show, but these are Hampton University’s very own QueLuptuous women and honey, they were working it!

Full figured women were not overlooked this year as the GE Chapter of Omega Psi Phi decided to create a Pagaent for full-figured women.  9 lovely ladies had the opportunity to showcase their beauty, talent, intelligence, and CURVES in hopes to becoming Miss QueLuptuous 2009.

A dear friend to me, Tara Haskin, Senior History Major, complimented her curvacious style with class.  She showcased her talent by playing the violin and telling the the audience “My curves dare to be different!”

I feel this event was much needed for this campus because many women are overlooked by the stereotypes that Hampton ONLY wants to portray.  You can be big and beautiful and hold a title and the Omegas made sure of that.  I give my props for allowing full-figured women to showcase their talent, beauty, and curves in such a way to be remembered.

Be Blessed to be Curvy Ladies 🙂

Continuing the Legacy “Curvy”


No, she’s not Beverly Johnson but she is her daughter, Anansa Johnson.  This beautiful woman has followed her mom’s foosteps as a supermodel, and has become a plus-size inspiration to many.  Anansa has been modeling and working for Whillemina Agency; she’s featured in Glamour magazine as well as well as curvation ads that have been distributed in Essence and Ebony.

She was spotted on the Monique show this past week right beside her mother, discussing issues of being black and plus-sized in the modeling industry but honey this woman has broken the barrier and she’s gorgeous doing it!

Give Thanks.

This year of 2009, I have many reasons to be thankful.  But the great gift that I’m thankful for is, Life.  This year has been a year of Life and Death.  Many were born but many have died.  I have become more appreciative of my life her on earth.  Taking care of my body and my soul is the focus because at any time God can take my life and that would be the end of it.  This past school year, I have experience two of my classmates in my class of 2010 that has gotten their life taken away from them.  It’s reasons that are only in God’s control; but I have accepted them and learned that God is trying to tell the world something when he takes someone out of your life.

God Give you Life and he takes it from you too. It’s to me, as his child to do the best that I can to live by God and follow him and understand that whatever he does to me is for a reason.

So, this thanksgiving my biggest thanks is for LIFE. What’s yours?

The “Player” off the Court

what a dawg.  Shaq and shaunie O’neal have been the latest buzz for cheating/divorce scandal.  If you haven’t already heard the gossip, he has allegedly been cheating on his wife with Wizard’s baller Gilbert Arena’s wife, Laura Govan.  There has been text and email messages of Shaq meeting up with this chick during away games and having sex in hotel rooms.

Read messages HERE–>

I am not suprised by this bit of gossip and I do believe that Shaq would pull some of this mess. Not because he’s a Que and “Dog” is in his blood, but because he is a Man.  No all dogs don’t go to heaven and he got caught up.  It’s pretty simple to me, Shaunie needs to go ahead and follow through with the divorce, take half of his inheritance and get out of his life.  (He moves like sloth on the court now anyways)

Hmmm…shaq and kobe are friends. Birds of a feather FLOCK together!

City Gym Boys Fight Obesity

(shout-outs to Elise for introducing me to the “City Gym Boys”)

….Ladies and believe it or not Gentlemen, introducing to you…..” City Gym Boys”

City Gym Boys is not just eye-candy, but they actually have a cause for looking this good.  “City Gym Boys” is a company of natural bodybuilders from the inner-city that are dedicated to mentoring young men and women to be healthy and stay fit.  Founded in New York City by Charles La Salle, their mission is to help eliminate the on-set of obesity in the African-American and Latino communities.  The team is made up of different ethnic backgrounds like jamaican, ghanian, cuban, African-American, and Puerto-Rican.  “City Gym Boys” have made appearances on 106 & Park, Style TV, made live appearance on college tours, and provide personal training at many Boys and Girls Clubs around the world.

I don’t know about you, but this group will make anyone want to get off the couch, turn off the TV and head to the gym.

for more information check out

Just Rejuvinating Your Skin?!?

Really?  When I heard about Sammy Sosa was pulling a “MJ” with the skin bleaching I did think that maybe he had a skin condition but that was not the case.  This once, brown-skinned Dominican was caught on camera at the Latin Grammys in Las Vegas looking like  as white as his wife.

Sammy Sosa (r.) with wife Sonia in Las Vegas on November 4. Sosa's skin has been a topic of discussion, but the former Chicago Cubs slugger denies any health woes.

He’s been telling us that there is nothing wrong with his skin, he’s just been trying this new creme to rejuvinate his skin.  This is the most ridiculous piece of non-sense I’ve seen lately.  How can you sit here and tell the world, that you are not trying to bleach your skin.  He is obviously happy with his new skin color and doesnt see the problem.  I am not a Sammy Sosa fan and after looking at this picture, I will never be.

SAMMY15a ( before his “rejuvination’)

See, that’s what’s wrong with people of color.  They are not happy with the skin and feature that God has blessed us with.  If you can’t look in the mirror without makeup, weave, or contacts, and be happy for what you popped out your mom with then you really need to re-evaluate your life.  Stop letting society and others tell you how you should look.  Or what is beautiful, whether your a brown-skin Dominican or a nappy headed sistah like me, you have to believe that you are beautiful in your own eyes.

I heart Wale.

Today was the release of the album “Attention Deficit’ by Wale and so I decided to go ahead and make that iTunes purchase to support the brotha.  He’s such a sweetheart, he was on twitter trying to reason with society, his fans, and haters why he’s always set up for failure…I know he probably didn’t look at my DM, but I told him to be positive that no matter what; you are producing music that is apart of your life, your passion, and drive and album rankings should not detere you from what you love.  So anyways, (groupie moment)

I really like two songs in particular from his album: Diary feat. Marsha Ambriousus, Shades feat. Chrisette Michelle:  He spits alot of true bars about black women and more importantly being a dark-skinned brotha growing up.  The songs to me intertwine together because they are problems that alot of my peers and myself have probably gone through at least once in our lifetime.

so if you would, just cop this CD and support good real music. I feel that hip-hop is coming back 🙂