Awkward Black Girl 2 on Pharell Williams Youtube Channel (Trailer)

The wait is over! Check out the trailer for “Awkward Black Girl” Season 2 which will premiere June 14th on Pharell William’s Youtube channel “I am Other”.  Pharell himself makes an awkward appearance on this video which has me even more excited for what’s to come. Sources say that it’s the new partnership with Issa Rae. My Tuesdays exciting once again!

D’Angelo GQ Photo Shoot & Interview – Amen!

Photo Credit GQ- Gregory Harris

First and foremost, I’m truly amazed by how outstanding the writer GQ’s own Amy Wallace is.  She definitely brought back my excitement for the old D’Angelo that I once drooled over, ya’ll know what I’m talking about.  For the first time in over a decade the cornrowed wearing, brown sugar, soulful brotha graces GQ magazine for a photo shoot.  Amy Wallace got a chance to interview him and watch him on stage where she wrote us the most descriptive, gritty, yet inspiiring piece that I think any artist that fell off should appreciate. Here is just a taste of the story…

“…Which helps explain why, months later, high on cocaine and drunk off his ass, D’Angelo found himself ejected from his car on that balmy Virginia night, hurtling through the pitch-blackness, flying. When he hit the ground, he broke all the ribs on his left side—and dealt another blow to his foundering career.”

Lianne La Havas – Is Your Love Big Enough? (video)


A few months back I was introduced to this lovely lady and fell in love ever since. Lianne La Havas describes herself as “Nothing like Corinne Bailey Rae or Andreya Triana, but we all have similar hair.” – That she does but her voice is also amazing. This London soul singer has been on the scene in UK for awhile where she released her first EP Lost & Found in October of last year.

Check out her new song + video “Is Your Love Big Enough” which is on her debut album coming out July 9th!

Check out her free EP here and visit her website for more of Lianne La Havas!

Billboard Awards 2012: Jordin Sparks and John Legend Tribute to Whitney Houston

In case you missed it, cause I definitely wasn’t paying attention to the snore fest of this year’s Billboard Awards.  Check out John Legend and the beautiful Jordin Sparks as they pay tribute to Whitney Houston.  Jordin graced the stage and blew away the audience with “I Will Always Love You”.  I thought it was much softer than J. Hud, however I liked it a lot.

Buns, Thighs, and Abs oh My! – Fitness App Must Haves

Whether you are looking for something new to add to your workout or just need a little push without the cost of a trainer, check out my top 3 apps that I frequently use to spice up my own workouts! (Did I mention they’re FREE?!)

Update, two new apps just popped into my life – check it out below!

Nike Training Club #NTC

Hands down, the best exercise iPhone app! Equipped with timed workout that sync to your music playlist.  If you are looking to target a certain area, this would be the best app to tone and build your endurance.  You will need certain equipment like a medicine ball, weights, or jump rope so using the amenities at the gym would be best.  Although it’s by Nike Women the fellas shouldn’t be discouraged because it won’t discriminate on kicking your butt each time.

My 24 – 24 Hour Fitness App

If you are a member of 24 hour fitness this will become very helpful.  I don’t have time to log onto my computer just to check the class schedule so having it synced to my phone and calendar is the BEST! I haven’t played around too much on the other features but this app works best for the on-the-go gym rat.

Ab Workout FREE

This app is beyond corny! I almost didn’t download it until I realized that the only way I am going to get a flatter stomach is through persistence. It has video and she talks to you.  You can do your daily ab workout right after your check your Facebook each morning, simple.




If you walk or run a lot and want to improve your goals or keep track of your workout, this app would be for you. It records your workout, times your walk or run, and provides personal statistics on calories burned, pace, and more. I especially like it for when I hike or ride my back because after your done you get to see a cool map of how far you’ve gone.




One thing I regretted about weight watchers was the mobile app where you can keep a food diary, track your weight, and exercise all in one. But that sadness was short lived when I found out that this app does it all for FREE. What’s most important for me is counting calories so this was an easy tool that I could whip out anywhere and calculate just like I would when I was on weight watchers. Highly recommended if you are focusing on nutrition. 

Do you guys have any Fitness Apps that you can’t live without? I’d like to hear from you, sharing is caring =)

Black Girls Do Hike

A couple of weeks ago my hiking buddy Ashley and I got this bright idea to trying different hiking trails in the bay area.  After much contemplation and seeing photos from my Facebook friends we decided that we try to hike Mission Peak in Fremont, Ca.

Mission Peak is a 1500 ft climb up a STEEP dirt trail that is categorized for moderate to easy hikers. The view is so breath-taking that you can’t resist taking multiple breaks to catch your breath overlooking the south bay.   Hiking is a great exercise alternative to the regular gym routine and it works EVERY muscle in your body.  That day I saw different kinds of people; from kids, babies in strollers, big and small, all with one goal to make it to the peak.

If you are local and plan to do this hike I recommend you bring two bottles of water, something to snack on mid-way there, and of course your camera to take pictures of your victory.  Wait, did I mention it was HOT?! So start the early to avoid heat exhaustion. I plan to do this hike next month and actually take a picture at the peak pole. I’m hoping to bring a long other black girls (and guys) so we can add a bit more color to the trails and show the world that not only do we workout, but black girls HIKE!