Who gives it to ya more?!

The other night while in the club I caught this woman staring at me, I thought maybe I had spinach in my teeth so I ran to the bathroom to check my face.  She followed me in there and I almost freaked out until she opened her mouth and said, “I love your hair!” This whole time I thought she was mean mugging me but she politely told me that she liked how I rocked my hair.  The compliment felt good but I wonder, would a brotha do all that to give a compliment?  I want to know what you are thinking, take my poll and let’s see!

My Appreciation

This is my dedication and appreciation for all the sistahs out there with rebellious hair. Where ever I go no matter what state, what country, use the compliments uplift eachother.  I don’t know if anyone understands me, but once you’ve experience the natural lifestyle it’s not like no other.  No lacefront, remy weave, or bone straight lifestyle can’t take away the shine that magically seems to glow between each sending happiness that only the rebellious can understand.  I have recently noticed the natural community and how on such a forbiden and touchy subject women of all textures come together through internet, on the streets, or work enviornments and uplift eachother when society only wants to bring us down.  This is me appreciating those that give compliments, advice, or just slient gestures to those who choose to wear their hair how it has been naturally rooted from the scalp.  Even if it’s just one day, one hour, or a couple months, just remember we are born natural and I will continue to live this natural life 🙂

More for your curl: Mizani True Textures

Mizani hair products have been used on my hair in salons in the south and I have been extremely happy with the results when my hair was chemically processed.  Their new line “True Textures” are now for naturally curly hair styles.  They have been advertised in Essence Magazine for Mizani’s Curl Community on www.essence.com I love their holding spray but the products that stood out to me were Mizani’s true textures Moisture Stretch Curling Cream and Perfect Curl Spray

This cream is good for the tight curl pattern, It really doesnt build and lock in moisture so you don’t walk around with a dry fro.

I havent tried this but I’m curious to know how it is on looser curl textures.  Everyone’s hair is different so try them out and tell me what you think!

Big Boi’s “ShutterBug”

I have always had a music crush on Big Boi and he’s definitely back with his new video “Shutterbug”. It’s his first single off his debut solo album “Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty” which is set to be released in July 2010.  This video is so crazy and spontaneous, it makes my heart warm to see a difference in music creativity besides all the sex and club scenes, Big Boi gave us a break on this one. Afro Chic approves, tell me what you think! Enjoy!

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“Sex and the City 2”: The Afro Chic’s Non-Spoiler

No this is NOT a spoiler review but I will say that just like most sequels, “Sex and the City 2” has hurt my soul.  I am hoping that there is another sequel that I don’t know about or I’m going back to watching the re-runs.  It’s funny to me how Carrie Bradshaw was the same in her ways in the movie, and gets away with it.  Pretty unrealistic if you ask me.

Ladies all over the world, flooded movie theatres at exactly 12:01 a.m. with their cosmos, stilettos, dresses and girlfriends.  I stayed up all night just to be slightly dissapointed from the plot line.  But don’t get me wrong the fashion was to die for, who else lounges around their house as if they are on the runway for New York Fashion Week.  It makes me want to go shopping, Thank Goodness for Labor Day Weekend!

Overrall, If you are going to see “Sex and the City 2” for a sequel just hold out until later or don’t get your hopes up because the one that get’s the most action is Samantha Jones; all the other drama could’ve been saved in possible episode series.

Afro Chic’s Pic: Trey Songz “Yo Side of the Bed”

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It’s been awhile since I’ve been emotional over a music video but Trey Songz did it to me.  Just released from “Yo Side of the Bed” plays a little tribute to the families and couples in the military and the trails and heartache that one can have from it.  It will definitely give some waterworks and make you think about your own relationships.  Enjoy!

Curvy Spotter: Fiercely Real Sheridan Watson

You may remember from a previous post about Tyra’s newest competition “Fiercely Real Model Search” and she’s found a winner. The curvacious Sheridan Watson from New Jersey won the competition under millions of applicants.

The brown skin diva landed her first photoshoot spread with Seventeen magazine and is loving the modeling life already!  Not only is she representing for the curvy teen models but she is show all young girls that confidence in yourself is key to success!

(photo courtesy of tyra.com)

Vegas spotted in Ludacris “Sex Room”

In honor of my birthday weekend in Las Vegas I thought I’d put up “Sex Room” by Ludacris with the sex inventor himself Trey Songz.  It was produced in Sin City himself and I happened to be VIP to one of the clubs in this video, XS which is located in the fabulous Encore Hotel  on the stip. I love Vegas and this video is the icing on the cake to my crazy weekend!

Jennifer is Weight-Loss Amazing!

The newest Weight Watchers Spokeswoman Jennifer Hudson has lost a tremendous amount of weight and looks so great! I think she is at a great size 6 and appears to be healthy.  Even though she was intending to lose weight for a movie role, it turned out to be a great lifestyle change for her.

Hudson shares her weight loss story and tips in the latest People’s magazine with awesome pictures as evidence that anyone can lose the weight.  She has officially motivated me this summer to get off the couch and change my life. The Afro Chic approves!