Drake’s “Thank Me Later” leaks Disappointment

Now you know I had to put my two cents in about this one, Drake’s new album Thank Me Later” was leaked the other night and to tell you the truth I wasn’t in a rush to download it.  It seems be a trend that in this mixtape generation, popular artists are making these leaks very hard to get certain revenue off their music; and let’s not forget local artists who just have a dollar and dream.  I am NOT a fan of Drake, but I will say I watched me some wheelchair Jimmy in my day and he is talented. 

            Drake has acquired his fame from a previous career in acting, and that’s what I feel got him to be this big.  With no stage presence he happens to get past “So Far Gone” to “Thank Me Later”.  The only songs that stood out to me were Fireworks featuring the preggers Alicia Keyes. With her on the Keyes this is phenomenal piece that has definitely made it to my feels good playlist.  Shut it Down featuring The Dream is pretty sexy to me, if you listen to the instrumental part it adds a lil’ twist to his sound.  Noooo…this doesn’t mean Drake is finally growing on me, I just seem to love his slow songs better.  Last but not least Find Your Love is catchy to me, it’s on the radio every 30 minutes but I do find it a better hit then all the rest.  There you have, the Afro Chic doesn’t quite approve but all you Drake fans go support the brutha when it officially hit stores, according to the title he will thank you later!