Clif Soulo x Pacific Standard Time (EP Album)

If anyone has ever met him in person or follow his musical journey through Social Media, you will instantly discover that he is one smooth brotha. I’d like to say that all weekend I felt like my little Nissan Maxima was a drop top Chevy cruising down Highway 101 while listening to Clif Soulo’s “Pacific Standard Time”.  Clif is an Oakland bred emecee who naturally knows how to put the “Soul” in his records and it shows through his presence and the reaction it has on his fans.

I haven’t had a chance to see him live, but I’m sure if you check out his second album you will want to see what he’s all about. Finding his passion at the Age of 11, Clif Soulo took his career up a notch in 2010 where he released  Vol.1 of his new mixtape series, “I Wish These Were My Beats”.   The compilation consisted of dope ryhmes over popular beats.

Pacific Standard Time is exactly what it is, straight west coastin’ with songs like “HWY 101”, “Playistic”, and “Clif’s Groove”.  My favorite of the compilation is “Toast” which features fellow Bay Area artists 1 O.A.K and songstress Netta Brielle.  I’d like to call it the summer anthem where you step out on the weekends, toast to drinks, put all your worries behind and live your best fabulous life.  Other songs like “4 Tha Radio” and “She’s Dope” makes sure to appeal to different audiences where he speaks his mind about radio hits, his drive for his music, and even his love for Mary Jane.  Overall, Pacific Standard Time is a heating up August so download his album for free and see for yourself!

Download link—-> Pacific Standard Time

Baby Jaymes x Heart and Soul

His sound is part r&b, part hip-hop, and part mystery. Check out new music from Oakland bred singer/songwriter Baby Jaymes, “Heart and Soul”.   His new single is described as a declaration of who he is and his musical intentions.  He defines his genre of music as “Ghetto Retro”- making him a musical chameleon with soul.  Baby Jaymes addresses issues of following your own passion and believing that you can succeed.  I think this song sends out a perfect message to any individual who puts their heart into whatever they do and show that you don’t have to belittle your character, or your well being.  Being different is cool 🙂

“why you always doing you, do what everybody do, if you really trying to get it?/ instead of trying to dumb me down, doing what they’re doing now, here’s something you won’t forget.”

Baby Jaymes has a album out,  The Baby James Record, where he’s done work with Raphael Saadiq and George Clinton of Parliament-Funkadelic. Check out his website here for more of his work.

Ledisi x Pieces of Me (Album Review)

Seeing Ledisi perform for the first time while I was away at Hampton a few years back was probably one of the best live experiences I’ve had in awhile.  It’s something about the intimacy in her voice and the connection she has with her audience that makes you an instant fan.  Ledisi’s latest album entitled “Pieces of Me” dropped Tuesday and fans and avid listeners of her work have been putting the pieces together all day.  This project is interesting because it covers the whole dynmanics of female identity, in pieces rather.

New Orleans born, Oakland bred singer releases soul and power into her songs where she pours her heart out about her own self-realization.  Los Angeles Times states, “Ledisi — sounding at times like Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin or Erykah Badu, and looking like Janelle Monáe as Billie Holliday — explores different pieces of herself: the libido (“Coffee,” “So Into You”); the ego (“Hate Me,” “Shut Up”); the heart (the Jaheim duet “Stay Together”).”  I can  relate to these pieces because like her puzzle, my pieces are everywhere.  Often times, women neglect or try to hide our issues of self-identity but I love how Ledisi is able to express touchy subjects and put herself out there so that all women can relate to her music.

My favorite of the tracklisting is “Bravo” because not only does Ledisi’s voice compliment the piano background but she tells a message of encouragement to always celebrate your success and overcoming your trials.  For me, its always about the small things, the small steps that put me ahead of the game that I will always be proud of myself.  So clap, clap bravo to Ledisi for this one.

You can purchase “Pieces of Me” on iTunes or in stores now!

T-Ran x Outside The Box: Still Dreaming (Mixtape)

I usually test out my new music while I’m working out in the gym since it always the most downtime for me and my thought process seems to work the most. T-Ran released his latest project Outside The Box: Still Dreaming this past weekend and I could tell that determination, thought, and true emotion went into this project. For those of you who aren’t familiar with T-Ran as an artist he is an Oakland Bred rapper currently residing in Washington, D.C. where he is actively pursuing his career in music. He has recently opened for Big Sean at the New Parish in Oakland and set a high standard for upcoming artists that followed him. I have also had a chance to interview him in a previous post that you can check out here.  His drive and determination is what makes him stand out as an artist and I have become an instant fan upon meeting him.

I love how Outside The Box: Still Dreaming tells real-life stories, it’s like I’m taking a trip through his thoughts. “Heart & Soul”, “Ohh Baby” and “I Need You” seems to appeal to his female audience but it picks back up with his dreams and aspirations as an artist with “Still Dreaming” and “By Any Means”.

T-Ran describes his inspiration behind this mixtape in his own words as, “chasing my dreams really asking myself is it worth it…meaning music. I was in a place of feeling like I was doing this all in vain because of how much I was puting in and not feeling like I was getting through. I was feeling like I was fighting a battle that was set up for me to lose.  I’ve been rapping since I was 7, and as I continued to get better I was just feeling like I could lose my dream at anytime. But through it all I know that music is the only thing I could see me doing and thats where the “Still Dreaming” aspect came from. From me loving hip hop so much I could never give up on dream no matter what.”

So there you have it, regardless of your own circumstances we all have a dream and T-Ran truly shares his dream through this project. Take a listen.

Download Outside The Box: Still Dreaming here