Afro Chick’s Video Reel Thursday

Check out these hot new videos that’s been on my rotation this week.  Beyonce, J. Cole, Jhene Aiko, Kindred the Family Soul, The Dream and Bay Area’s own Siariashawn keep me grooving on different levels. Enjoy!

Beyonce – Party feat. J. Cole

J. Cole – Lost Ones
Jhene Aiko – My Mine
Kindred The Family Soul – Sticking With You
Terius Nash (The Dream) – Ghetto feat. Big Sean
SiairaShawn – Prototype (Cover) Live at Marcus Book Store

SiairaShawn -“Prototype” (Outkast Cover) LIVE @ Marcus Books, San Francisco from siairashawn on Vimeo.

Afro Chic’s Youtube Style: Bantu Knot Twists

Hey folks! I’ve been quite the stranger to my hair these days and with my busy schedule I’ll be honest and say its hard to keep up with the latest products and show you guys at the same time.  Last week was a bad hair week so I decided to wash my hair and start all over with the old faithful two strand twist.  However, this time I took to youtube and found an awesome hair blogger who introduced Bantu knots to my usual routine.

It’s really simple and you create a nice bouncy curl that last all day.  Below is a picture of the before, after, and results.  If you would like a better visual check out the video below of Hair blogger “PRETTYDIMPLES01”.  She keeps it real and has all the cute innovate ways to style your hair.

I absolutely love the new bouncy look and I can’t wait to style it for Halloween.  Look out for a new post on using a roller set on twists!

Occupy Oakland – The Wake Up Call to Take Action (Video)


Photo by Leon Sykes (@Dnas)

What happened this past Tuesday, felt like a flashback to the 60’s.  As I sat on the edge of my bed watching the news footage while tracking the hashtag #occupyoakland via twitter I was amazed at what I saw happening in Downtown Oakland. If you haven’t been following Occupy Wall Street I suggest you google it because Oakland surely wake you up on what you’ve been sleeping on. That early Tuesday morning, Mayor Jean Quan ordered police officers to evacuate the protestors and take down the encampment at city hall.  This more than ruffled feathers for the occupy protestors and they took the streets to march the streets in an organized fashion.  One thing led to another, beer bottles and rocks were supposedly throne and in results tear gas bombs and rubber bullets were released to detain the crowd. Many people were arrested, small children were present, and it was just not a good look for the community.

Take a look at this video and you will get a very disturbing visual of all that happened that evening.  Although, Tuesday night was very violent the occupy protestors reconvened last night (Wednesday) and the march continued.  Not to mention, Mayor Jean Quan allowed them to set up camp again.

Occupy Oakland Tuesday October 25 from Raleigh Latham on Vimeo.

My Question is, Was Tuesday night all that necessary?  How do you feel about the Occupy Movement and if you could/or if you participating what are you fighting for?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Web Series “Milk + Honey” episode 1

I know you’ve got the sneak peek earlier this year, so check out the full first episode of “Milk + Honey” which is a Web Series produced by a LA Based production company called Brown Paper Dolls.  Executive produced by the sexy Idris Elba, the series is about 4 women living in LA trying to live their dreams while going through spiritual journey, relationship drama, and more.  There are a lot of new pretty brown faces in this series as well as actors you may already be familiar with. *cough cough* Lance Gross and Debbie Allen! So as the tough internet critic that you are watch the first episode and tell us if it will be a hit or miss this season!

Beyonce – Love on Top (Video)

Check out Beyonce paying homage to New Edition with her new video for  “Love on Top”. She’s been getting a lot of mixed reviews in the blogosphere about her remakes and tributes to different artists in her music videos.  I think its okay, you gotta pay respect to who came first. Right?

. . . and If you ask me, she hides her baby bump so well. Groovin’ in her sneakers and all! Tell me what ya’ll think about this one!

LaLa – MsRyanNicole

I don’t know how I missed this release of MsRyanNicole latest music! You may have seen her recently perform at the Life is Living Festival where she rocked the stage in Oakland or you might have graced her presence at Monday Soul. Either way, She’s one of the dopest female emcees that I know in the Bay Area so its only right that I share with you her latest installation. Check out “LaLa” and share your thoughts! Love it or leave it?


Ledisi launches a “Stay Together” Video Contest for Fans

Hey all you social media, music lovers, and video pros this is for you! R&B sensation, Ledisi just launched her Youtube video contest for her upcoming video “Stay Together” featuring Jahiem.  To further promote her debuted album Pieces of Me, she is giving two lucky fans the opportunity to enter to win the ultimate Ledisi Experience.  It includes a trip to see Ledisi live, Round trip air fare for two, two night hotel stay, and VIP passes for her meet and greet.

All you have to do is create your own video of “Stay Together” and upload it to her youtube to channel to enter.  I think this a great for both her audience to interact with her music and also a great way to continue her foundation through social media and as a recording artist.  If you are feeling creative and would like to enter to win here are the details for you —> Click here

Need more inspiration? Check out her latest video for “So Into You” here and good luck!


The Occupy Wall Street Movement Comes to Oakland (Photos)

If you haven’t been following, heard of, or participating in, shame on you.  Occupy Wall Street demonstrations have been happening all over the country and in my hometown I go to work seeing protestors diligently fighting against corporate greed for over a week now.  Occupy Oakland is right outside of City Hall and for the past week there have been demonstrations, rallies, marches, and even celebrity appearances from different spectrums; Danny Glover and Lupe Fiasco.  Yes, I’ve been reading the concerns about public safety and people taking advantage of this opportunity but let me show you the positives visually that’s happening in my neck of the woods!

Photo by Fred Shavies

Photo by Ben Margot

Photo by Reuters Pictures

If you have stories, photos, reflections, or other protest demonstrations in you area share them in the comment box below.  You may also email your photos to and I’ll post/retweet them =)