Have You Been Thinking about your Health?

n1226100082_30048776_9137Michelle Reese, a native from Hyttesville, Maryland,  got upclose and personal with me about the Health Care crisis going on in America today.  Michelle is a Senior, Nursing Major, attending Hampton University in Hampton, VA.  When choosing her major upon entering college in 2006, she gave great consideration and thought to Americans.

 “I have deep concerns for people and I choose nursing because Patient Care is the most important in our hospitals.” 

Ever since Michelle was little she was very compassionate about helping people and science so choosing the Nursing program at Hampton Univesity was the best choice for her.

What do you do to stay fit?

Michelle has taken it upon herself to stay fit while living on campus in many ways. She says, “I really feel like the state that were in now is a landslide, people arent going to get fresh food and healthy foods because it is too expensive. So it’s so tempting to run to McDonalds rather than to go to Wal-Mart and buy groceries, especially in a dorm.”   To make sure that she doesnt fall victim to many diseases amongst Americans she watches what she eats, goes to the gym, and has learned moderation with her portion-control.

How do you feel the Healthcare Reform will help/not help America?

Michelle feels that everyone should have healthcare insurance and that it should be made affordable to all Americans.  “Ever since the shock of the recession, I feel that co-payments have gotten really expensive.” She explains that because its not affordable anymore its causing secondary healthcare problems; putting people in the hole with issues that can be prevented just by a doctor’s visit.

Michelle wants the Healthcare Reform to play close attention to Children.  She feels that alot of small children should be automotically given healthcare so that they can get their immunizations the basic check-ups so that health problems will be less existent when they reach a certain age.  “There are alot of prevention methods that the governement can take account for so that these problems will not be a continuous concern for our country.”

What about healthcare insurance after you graduate?

By going into the nursing field, Michelle has already prepared herself to have health coverage.  Upon graduation, she plans to join the board at the Washington Hospital Center, in D.C. where she will get full health insurance. 

 “I plan to make a smooth transition off my dad’s insurance into my career so the issue with losing coverage when I graduate should not be effective to me.”

Many students on Hampton University’s Campus have been focused on graduation plans but very few know exactly what they are going to do when they get caught off from their parents insurance.  Whether its find a job that pays for you are try to get into grad school leaves question marks in the minds of many college students today.

So What are YOU going to do?

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