Sha Stimlu x Wake Up & Go (video)

Sha Stimlu shares a song and visual dedicated to his affirmation for black woman.  I like how he admits that he loves his women just the way they are.  We really do try so hard to cover up whats real inside. It’s part of being a women, it’s unjustifiable obstacles that we will always go through. However, I’m glad he is reaching out representing brothas out there that aren’t caught up in our own insecurities of our beauty. This kind of music that appreciates women and sends uplifting messages is what I really like. Now if only we could really just wake and go. lol


In his own words:
1st video leak from “The Break-Up Part 2: The Proposal” dropping soon. This joint features dancer Miss Ksyn, directed by RH Bless & treatment by Dj Victorious. shout to Carter Brock for booking models and locations. Singer Okema Moore is also featured and thank u Chris Rock for authorizing Good Hair footage.
I’m not dissing weaves or wigs, I’m just afraid the next generation may be affected by plastic surgery and falsities. Speak to the kids.

Afro-Punk Festival 2010

Afropunk Festival 2010

If you are in the New York area be sure to be at the “Afro Punk Festival 2010” at Commodre Park in Broooklyn, NY and its supporting community put on a festival with music, food, and Bike/BMX event that celebrate the Afro Punk Culture. This year artists and bands like, J*Davey, Maritn Luther, Game Rebellion, P.O.S will be rocking the house.  Starting 5 years ago they Afro Punk community put on this event for free of entry but since there has been a demand a small fee will be the contribution of this weekend, June 25-27, 2010. So mark your calenders and get there.  Even if you have no idea about Afro Punk, it’s culture and we all should become interested.  Check my previous posts on “Afro Punk” for more insight.

City Gym Boys Fight Obesity

(shout-outs to Elise for introducing me to the “City Gym Boys”)

….Ladies and believe it or not Gentlemen, introducing to you…..” City Gym Boys”

City Gym Boys is not just eye-candy, but they actually have a cause for looking this good.  “City Gym Boys” is a company of natural bodybuilders from the inner-city that are dedicated to mentoring young men and women to be healthy and stay fit.  Founded in New York City by Charles La Salle, their mission is to help eliminate the on-set of obesity in the African-American and Latino communities.  The team is made up of different ethnic backgrounds like jamaican, ghanian, cuban, African-American, and Puerto-Rican.  “City Gym Boys” have made appearances on 106 & Park, Style TV, made live appearance on college tours, and provide personal training at many Boys and Girls Clubs around the world.

I don’t know about you, but this group will make anyone want to get off the couch, turn off the TV and head to the gym.

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