Can I get a refill of Elle Varner please?

I seem to be catching the major late bus when it comes to new artists and music lately, however I couldn’t pass up this California girl, that not only my friend’s have been tweeting her sultry lyrics but also has been a radio sensation with her hit single, “Only Wanna Give it to You” featuring J. Cole.

Elle Varner is a 23-year old West African, Black, and Swedish bred songstress has released her first album, Perfectly Imperfect. and Although I haven’t reviewed it yet, I  have been stuck on her latest mixtape, Conversational Lush. The tracks remind me of an old school meets new school sound, with a very sultry voice to compliment. Elle also switches it us with her rhymes. Rapping over a jay-z inspired beat. I instantly downloaded her tape into my iTunes and have been jammin’ all week.  My favorite songs are 32 flavors, Feel like a Woman, Refill, and So Fly. Maybe it’s the fact that I can personally relate the lyrics or the songs just went a long with this gorgeous weather the Bay Area has been receiving.

In the march issue of Ebony Magazine, Elle Varner is featured in the “Watch the Space” where she discussed one of her songs, “So Fly”.  It’s a true story of a girl battling self-esteem issues at the time when she was batting a low point in life.  She says, “At the time I work “So Fly”, I was heavier. I was in college and was really struggling with body image and being accepted.  I thought losing weight would make me better in some way… I started to make better health choices, better food choice, however you look and whatever size you are, you still have these issues.”

I agree that regardless of your weight or body image you can still struggle with self esteem issues.  This song teaches her listeners that you can be fly at any shape. Don’t compare yourself and your worth to anyone else just because society has conditioned us to do so. By using the “What if” sequence in her lyrics kind of sends a reminder to love your own body and soul.

So basically all I need
Is to be everything but me
Colored contacts
And some implants
Somehow that don’t make much sense
I must be out of my head
If I think, that I am governed by material things.

download Conversational Lush here.

Afro Chick’s Video Reel Thursday

Check out these hot new videos that’s been on my rotation this week.  Beyonce, J. Cole, Jhene Aiko, Kindred the Family Soul, The Dream and Bay Area’s own Siariashawn keep me grooving on different levels. Enjoy!

Beyonce – Party feat. J. Cole

J. Cole – Lost Ones
Jhene Aiko – My Mine
Kindred The Family Soul – Sticking With You
Terius Nash (The Dream) – Ghetto feat. Big Sean
SiairaShawn – Prototype (Cover) Live at Marcus Book Store

SiairaShawn -“Prototype” (Outkast Cover) LIVE @ Marcus Books, San Francisco from siairashawn on Vimeo.

New Music: J. Cole’s “Can’t Get Enough” and Balla et ses Balladins

My best friend are always listening to world music so when she came across the original song that J. Cole used on his latest single “Can’t Get Enough” it was only right to share.  I like when artists step outside their studio box and get musical inspiration from back in the day and even different cultures.  Shows true artistry and craft.  What do you guys think?

Paulette by Balla et ses Balladins

Can’t Get Enough by J. Cole feat. Trey Songz

J. Cole- Who Dat

Vodpod videos no longer available.

J. Cole just premiered his FIRST video for “Who Dat” on his upcoming album.  I had a chance to catch him right before he blew up at HU performing all his mixtape hits and now look at him, I’m so proud he is so talented and dynamic with his lyrics, to be honest there are no other rappers I can agree with that new to the hip hop scene.  Check it out!

HU Spring Fling ReCap

Last week was Hampton University’s Spring Fest which is a week designed to bring comical relief, entertainment, and fun to the students on campus.  Laser Tag, Food, Great Weather, and step shows, were amongst the many reasons for not going to class that week. LoL To highlight some of the events; HU put on their first Foam party which was a great success.  The comedy show featured comedian Gary Owens who had the audience rollin with the “Are you a nursing major” joke.  Also the concert was rockin with performances by Tierra Marie, Ryan Leslie, and J. Cole.  Suprisingly, many students showed love for the RocNation artist J.Cole and it was reciprocated.  Below is a small snippet of what you have missed and some words from our stars.  Elise’s backstage access and I worked as a team to capture moments of what was one of the funnest Spring Fest’s of HU! (please excuse thier language lol)