Erykah Badu x Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long (Video)

Check out the visual for “Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long” as Erykah Badu glides through her song in a very hypnotizing, and enigmatic way.  I had to watch it a dozen times to look for clues and hints to what’s going on. It’s too simple for my mind. What do you think?

Melky Jean x Better (CARE for Haiti)

As we all know the significance of January 12, 2011 marked the anniversary date of the devistating earthquake that hit Haiti last year so I thought it was dope that Melky Jean, who is a sister of Wyclef Jean, made a video for the official single off the CARE for Haiti charity album.  The song is entitled “Better” and the visual for this song is heart touching. It shows the direction we have taken since the earthquake, change, and how everything will get better.  Check out the video and tell me what you think!

Marsha Ambrosius x Far Away (Video)

Go Marsha! I’m loving her single artist comeback and this video really shows how beautiful she is inside and out. I’ve watched a few ustream videos she has done and she is such has so much charisma and passion for her music so I’m happy she decided to make a visual with her latest single “Far Away”. In this video it tells a story of two brothas who share a love for eachother and it’s not accepted in their community.  The ending is definitely a harsh reality. If you know someone or are a victim of bullying in anyway, please do your part and share this video with others. Kudos to Marsha.

ZahZarah- Cry Over You feat. Phonte (video)

I’m a sucka for VH1 Soul and I saw her on there with “Why Dontcha Call Me No More” a few months ago and couldn’t help but follow her progress.  ZahZarah stepped out into the scene  as Erykah Badu’s backup singer in 2000 where she then signed to Keo Music Records and released her debut album “Here Me” in 2001 and her second one “Blackstar” in 2003. I’ll just press fast forward and say that ever since joining The Foreign Exchange music she has been rockin’. ZahZarah finally released her visual for “Cry Over You” with a feature from Phonte of Little Brother/The Foreign Exchange…and I absolutely love it!  The song sounds happy and the video matches it with a girls day out of shopping, cruising the streets, and just feeling free again.  I like it because she says “It feels like I’m right back where I started again” and in the video you can tell her start is not laying in bed crying and depressed over a man. LOL

Oh and shout out to the Dark Skinned Sistahs doing their thang! I see YOU!