Awkward Black Girl 2 on Pharell Williams Youtube Channel (Trailer)

The wait is over! Check out the trailer for “Awkward Black Girl” Season 2 which will premiere June 14th on Pharell William’s Youtube channel “I am Other”.  Pharell himself makes an awkward appearance on this video which has me even more excited for what’s to come. Sources say that it’s the new partnership with Issa Rae. My Tuesdays exciting once again!

“Barbra Stresiand” (Video) by Duck Sauce

This is hella funny to me.

Santigold, Pharell Williams, Exra Keonig, ?uestLove, and Kanye West random make random appearances on this video called “Barbra Stresiand” by Duck Sauce.  Peep the bootleg impersonator. I love it!

So who is Duck Sauce? I like his myspace definition:  “Duck Sauce is Armand Van Helden and A-Trak making house music and eating Chinese food. Who’s hungry? Quack quack”

Dispicable Me- Pharell

Dispicable me.   This movie was the cutest of them yet this summer.  Of Course I’m not into the movie spoilers but I will just let you know that if you are in for a sense of humor and animation make sure you hit your next matinee.  As I was enjoying a laugh or two or three I noticed that the soundtrack was RAW.  Then I googled and realized that Pharell, one of my favorite producers, was apart of this.  He owned this soundtrack with features of The Bee Gees and Robin Thicke.  Hip Hop is making its mark even in the children’s eyes of movie theatre, Who would’ve known?