Twist Outs With Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding (Revisited)

So, HERE IT IS! I decided that now that my hair is longer than the last time I tried to do twist-outs with Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding, I’d try it again to see what new results I encounter.   This is what my hair looked like using my old Instructions in 2009.

Twist Outs, No Blow Dry

For the second time I bought the sample size jar and followed the instructions on Miss Jessie’s Twist Out 101 Demo.  I washed and conditioned my hair and when soaking wet and I added a light moisturizing hair milk by Bee Mine products, sectioned my hair into 4 parts, and proceeded with my application of the curly pudding. I used the whole jar with nothing left over.I sat under the dryer for an hour, got lazy and went to bed LOL. I woke up the next day and these were my results when I untwisted:

Step 1: I untwisted each individual twist with my fingers.  Usually this would be the last step for me because I sometimes like to wear my hair close to my face but I decided to follow the full instructions and proceed to blow drying my edges for fullness.

Step 2: I blow dried my hair on medium heat, finger fluffed, and added a dab of Bee Mine Hair milk. This was my result:

Overall, I’m satisfied with my results and not to mention my hair smelled so good up until three days later. I wore my hair for a few days in an Afro and noticed that I had more bouncy elongation BUT it the cold and dry air was not agreeing with me and now it’s flat again.  I will definitely revisit this again in the summer since my hair texture LOVES humidity.  I want to know your results, so try it and DO SHARE 🙂

Afro Chic’s Kinky Curly Curling Custard: Revisted

I’ve decided to give Kinky Curly Curling Custard another revisit and this time, I did the KCCC Twist-Outs.  When my hair was much shorter I was able to apply the product without mess or hassle but when I obtained a certain length KCCC became too cakey on my hair.  I didn’t want to give up on it because I loved the product so much that I tried a different way to apply it and it actually lasted longer than before.

Like usual I washed and conditioner my hair, and when soaking wet I pleated my hair into four sections.  I sectioned those pleats into small individual twists by using a healthy amount of KCCC to each twist. And this is what it looked like:

Each twist is about 1/2 to 1 inches whith to ensure my curl pattern and definiton.  Realizing that my hair was extremely wet afterwards I decided I’d go 24 hours until I took them out so below will be what the result next day.  I didn’t use a comb to unravel them, instead I fingered styled them until I got the texture I was going for.

I was satisfied with the bouncy curls for about 3 days until then I slicked it back into a ponytail. Nonetheless, I think it’s a great hairstyle for the fall. 🙂

Afro Chic’s Hairstyle: Flat Twisted UpDo

I wanted to share with you my hairstyle that I have created and suprisingly mastered for my Senior Ball last night.  It’s a popular style called the two-strand flat twisted updo.  I washed my hair then blowed it dry just a little.  I used ultra sheen to moisturize my hair and the gel’s I used were Jam extra hold and Jamaican mango and lime.  I think it worked out pretty good 🙂