Rochelle Jordan x How to Feel

Rochelle Jordan has been on my youtube radar for quite some time now (like 3 years) so glad this Toronto artist is starting to get the spotlight she deserves. Check out her newest song “How to Feel” and tell me what you think. Find out more about this beautiful songstress here. Also her fro is to DIE for!

This is the video that caught my eyes a couple years ago. I’m a fan of Jill Scott and not too many people can sing “He Loves Me” but Rochelle Jordan passed the test!

Frank Ocean x Acura Integurl (Visual)

Frank Ocean releases a visual (with him in it) from his latest project Nostalgia, Ultra entitled “Acura Integurl”. Yes he’s riding around in an NSX and yes he looks good. *swoons* If you aren’t familiar with this Odd Future creation, I suggest you get hip here. Enjoy!

TJ Evans x On Shakey Ground

Check out this soulful rock artist TJ Evans with her new release “On Shakey Ground”. This Indianapolis native began playing music at the age of 14, where she embarked on her own musical journey as a freelance journalist traveling the Midwest interviewing artists such as George Clinton, Parliament Funkadelic, Amuse, and more. I thought I’d give you something new and fresh for your ears. Enjoy!

Eastside Arts Alliance Presents:11th Annual Malcom X Jazz Festival

If you are local, check out the 11th Annual Malcom X Jazz Festival in Oakland this weekend. Hosted by Eastside Arts Alliance, an organization for artists, culture workers, and community organizers of color living in the in the San Antonio District of Oakland, Ca.   This year the festival will feature The John Santos Sextet, The Grossroots Composers Esemble, The Abraham Burton Trio, and more.  There will also be dancers, poets, live music, grafitti walls and lots of vendors to browse.  For more info visit

Where: San Antonio Park, Oakland, Ca

Date: May 21, 2011 11-7 pm

Afro Chick’s Pick: Nakimuli x Dookie Bracelets and Leggings

These super cute Dookie Bracelets + leggings are to die for!  Nakimuli is a designer from Brooklyn who creates funky clothes for creative girls.  I was browsing through her blog and noticed that she is debuting shorts to go along with her collection of dresses, leggings, coats, accessories and more.  visit Nakimuli Online Store to view her full line.

These are my Picks:

Feminine Funk: Fearless, Funky, and Feminine Clothing for Real Women

An avid reader of Reesa Speaks as well as aspiring Fashion Designer, Nicole Grier created  Feminine Funk; a clothing line catering to plus-size women who dare to be fearless, funky, and feminine.  Founded in 2010, Nicole decided to take matters in her own hands about the forced society’s perception of beauty and fashion by creating a clothing line that accentuates the positives of the female figure.  She has created eclectic t-shirt designs that have been perfectly sewn to tailor a “real” women figure.  The shirt that I’m wearing is called “Sassy” and the stiletto pump was exactly what I needed for a girls night out.

Feminine Funk comes in sizes 1x-4x and range in very cute and humorous expressions.  Not to mention, Feminine Funk is black owned in the Bay Area.  Be sure to look out for their new collection this summer!

Visit and get funky!

*Thanks Nicole 🙂

Vogue Italia May 2011: Tribute to Black Beauties

Check out Vogue Italia’s tribute to “Black Beauties” in a 15 page editorial spread featured in the May 2011 issue.  There has been quite a buzz in the journalist world whether it justifying the “color blind” theory to beauty and fashion and whether it was necessary for a race-based issue.  I give these magazines props for featuring black models in high fashion because we may not dominate this industry but we do represent well.  What do you guys think, is an all black issue necessary?

Book Review: A Natural Woman by Lori Johnson

It’s about that time you prepare for your summer reading list.  A few months ago I came across this book “A Natural Woman” by Lori Johnson while browsing through my local bookstore and the title stuck my mind.  My whole thought process was ooooh this is going to be one of those stereotypical stories about a black woman and her revolution…I was so wrong.  It was a love story about a man(Dante) who fell in love with a woman (Aliesha) and her beauty with natural hair.  It all starts off when Aliesha, a successful Anthropologist professor needs to get a haircut, so she goes to a barber shop and ends up in Dante’s chair.

Lori Johnson uses very detailed descriptions and story telling within this novel to provide a sense of love and passion for hair.   I won’t give it away but the significance in this story has to do with the Dante’s grand mother and the nurturing and teaching she gave him with caring for a black woman’s hair.  The story is almost ironically based on a black man’s appreciation for the women in his life.  I’d reccommend this book to anyone and everyone who is looking for a happy ending 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day!

Solange x Left Side Drive

Check out the released track “Left Side Drive” by Solange which was created years ago and she decided to finally release an unfinished track over this past weekend.  I had a recent conversation just last night about the Beyonce vs. Solange image and I have to admit Solange is growing on me.  I’m glad she isn’t trying to follow her sister’s footsteps in trying to be a pop star and instead she is evolving as her own person.