What is GroupThink?

Erykah Badu aired her music video for “Window Seat” which stirred up alot of thinking processes for many this weekend.  Over twitter @fatbellybella she told us that she had less than an hour to do the video and when she got butt naked she had to run like hell afterwards.  I thought this video sent out a perfect message about “Group Think”; defined as not individual, narrow minded, and pretty much how are society operates today.  She went against the grain and was sending out a message in the most simplest way possible.  If you look beyond her naked stroll of downtown Dallas you too will understand the message, but then again maybe you wont. Enjoy!

p.s. What is your opinion/critique on the music video? Please share.

Kelis Comes Back “Acapella”

yeah, I can’t wait.  I have always been a Kelis fan wayyyyyyyyy before “My Milkshake”.  I used to rock out in 8th grade to “Young Fresh and New” jumping up and down on my bed.  She has been on a baby/divorce hiatus for quite some time but she’s here to take back he eclectic spotlight.  Artists like Lady Gaga, Rhianna, and even Nicki Minaj are have some type of resemblence that Kelis has created in the music industry. 

Her new album “Flesh Tone” is schedruled to drop this summer with her hot single “Acapella” which will be releasing a video in a few days so be sure to check back for that.  Her comeback single is on the techno side, but I feel her creativity and I realize that she is trying to bring back her statement she made.  What do you think?

Afro Chic’s Pick of the Week: ReKaste


There has been alot of buzz on Hampton University’s campus this year, and the group ReKaste has a lot to blame for it.   Performing at Hampton Idol and the Haiti Relief Benefit concert, I had the opportunity to hear with my own ears.  The group members; Allen “StevieVisionz” Hargrove, Kyle “D.J. Kal” Lawrence, Leavil “Recipe” Armstrong, are music techonology majors hailing from New York City.  They were able to collaborate and produce eccentuating vibes right on the campus of HU.

Along with “Throw it Up”, Rekaste’s single entitled “Something Special” which is my pick, is a very smooth cross from alternative and hip hop, with lyrics that have your mind, body, and soul at ease.  It happens to be on my “feel good” playlist cause it’s fitting for the mood.  Check it out here!

Rekaste has been making moves in the community as well. They will be at Blurr in Newport News, Va. March 31, 2010 performing with other artists. Be sure to get your tickets for this event go to their website www.rekaste.com where you can find more information on how to follow them on twitter and access to their latest music releases.

Get Funky With Spring

Spring is the perfect time to express your style and what better way to do it by accenuating your shoe game.  I cam across a line called “Funky Dada” that http://www.zazzle.com/funkydada that crafts really creative shoes with Asia and African inspirations.  These are customized shoes that are orignally fabricated with funky materials and laces to fit you own accentric style.

You could go bold and funky, neutral, warm, black and white and more.  The prices range at about $65 which is not that bad if you would ask me.

(photos courtesy of Designs by Anaylli)

What Black Woman can learn from the Kardasians? LOL


I came across an article today on hufington post http://www.huffingtonpost.com/yolanda-young/swirl-love-hurl-love-why-_b_467268.html  that had a very catchy title, black women, learning, and Kardasians were all three of the words that stookdout to me.  It tickled my soul to know that the other Yolanda Young would write a book about black women not being able to keep their black men.  To be honest its 2010, and I’m tired of this interracial dating contravery, date who you want to but don’t blame anyone else but yourself.  I am not going to sit here and compare myself to Kim Kardasian because for one, I will not make myself famous by sucking some D-list celebrity (Ray-J) penis and have some mandigo fetish just to capture some black man.  If it wasn’t for Kim her family would not be as “successful” if I must say so myself, and Khloe is just known by association.

So there you have it, Black men are the most hated and wanted in America, and it so happens that White women want themselves a piece.  There are plenty of men who appreciate their own race and want to marry themselves a black woman so having this whole ordeal about taking lessons from white women so we can keep our men, is not going to cut it for me.  We as black women need to stop worrying about what white men are doing, and worry about what we need to do to better ourselves for ourselves….and the men? they will always be there.

Finding Dakota Grey…

The voice behind Kanye West, Tony Williams debutes his first mixtape entitled “Finding Dakota Grey”.  You know that voice you heared on 808 and Heartbreaks, well Tony adds his R&B twist to Kanye’s songs.  I never knew too much about him, till my girl bella (erin) put me onto his mixtape last night and I had to share it with yall. 

Finding Dakota Grey reminds me of an alternative R&B/ Hip Hop mix with different rythmic sounds that will keep your head nodding and singing along because of course he would put his remix to “Nightmares” in there. 

Tony Williams says it himself on his own blog:

  The mixtape is done and  all I can say is “Holy smokes and Gee Wiz!!”  It was hard work, but it was worth it!  Now without furthur adieu, it is my pleasure to introduce to you my first mainstream project:  The World Famous Tony Williams:  FINDING DAKOTA GREY.  It is also my pleasure to introduce the very subject of the project, Dakota Grey.  I found her and now it’s time that you did.  I must warn you though, if you ain’t been waiting for a project that offers that sexy, edgy, silky, “funky like ya like stuff “, then I wouldn’t touch this one with a touchin’ machine.  The mixtape is mixed by Kanye West’s  d.j.  DJ Aktive and offers features from a parade of friends that guarantees something for everyone.

So pretty much I love this mixtape already and can’t wait for his project to grow! so the Afro Chic says Cop it!

Gold Teeth, Cheap Clothes, and “Short Nappy Hair”

So once I thought Black History Month ended on a good note, I happen to come across some disturbing news that happened in California at UC San Diego.  A White Fraternity thought it would be funny to mock Black History Month by hosting an event called “Compton Cookout” where they would dress up as the many deragatory stereotypes of African Americans, hold up! It doesn’t stop there, they even posted the event on facebook and painted their faces brown.

I am not suprised that they would try to get away with this, the UCSD is 14% black and most of the students are predominately white and have no idea nor do they embrace themselves in African-American culture.  I feel that racism is still prevelant and its at its highest especially being that OUR president is now black.  The most hated race in America is the black race, period.  So many may find it suprising, but I’m not at all.  My brother who attends UC Berkeley which is one of the UC’s known for their protesting, had one today in honor of this ridiculous issue, called THE BLACKOUT.  I wish I was there to witness this because it’s not over.

Black students at UC Berkeley protest racist acts at UCSD Monday.

(Photo Contributed)

Just think, if the circumstances of the black race were flipped, white people would not being having it.  What actions should UCSD take? We will soon find out.  But there is NOTHING that will make these kinds of ignorant people understand their wrong doing.

I dont even want to say anymore…Signing off.