My Testimony




I’m listening.

Listening to the sounds of my body

No longer muting what I believe is discouraging

But letting God tell me what I need.


As I spread my wings to the golden sun

No more tears, blood, pain, or silence.

I will shout to the world,

“I am me, and this is who I’ve become.”


Scars will become beauty marks

Inspiration of where I’ve been and

What it took to be me.

You will now understand that my perfect skin comes from within.


From my hair follicles down to my toes

He lifts me up above the highest mountain top

With the wind as my melody

I will listen, shout, and tell the world.


I’m listening.

Time won’t run out like the sand of an hour glass

My body will no longer go silent

and my journey will unveil.


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