Labor Day Weekend in the Bay Area – Events

San Francisco Skyline from Berkeley Hills, Oakland Bay Bridge and San Francisco Bay

If you’re going to be in the Bay Area and looking for something to do with your extended Labor Day weekend, check out some of these events that may be of interest. A lot of people my age don’t know where to look or go so I decided to put together some events that have been lingering in my inbox. I’m no entertainment concierge but I do know where to find some fun. Who knows, you may even catch me at a few of these events ūüôā

P.S. If you know of any social events catered to young professionals and/or art, culture, and music friendly, let us know in the comment box!

Dancing Under the Stars: Free Dance Class & Party
Date: Friday, August 30, 2013
Time: 8:30 pm
Location: Jack London Square, Oakland Ca.
Free! For more info click here
Doin’ it at The Phoenix Hotel
Date: Sunday, September 1, 2013
Time: Noon – 7 pm
No cover, to RSVP click here
DopeOnly Presents: Cool Water (Day Party)
Date: Sunday, September 1, 2013
Time: 3-8 pm
Location: The Rock Steady, Oakland, Ca.
For more info & to RSVP click here
Open Canvas at the Independent: Hosted Bar
Date: Sunday, September 1, 2013
Time: 9pm -12 am
Live Painting, Music, Warhol to Jay-Z Inspired.
Free! To RSVP click here
Oakland’s 3rd Annual Pan African Family Reunion¬†
Date: Monday, September 2, 2013
Time: 10 am – 10 pm
Location: Mosswood Park, Oakland, Ca.
Friend and Family event, live art for the youth, Music, Food, Games, Dance, and More!
For more info please visit the Facebook page here
Hiero Day: Free Hip Hop Music Festival
Date: Monday, September 2, 2013
Time: 11 am – 6 pm
Location: Linden Street Brewery, Oakland. CA
Live Peformances, Food Vendors, and more
Free! To RSVP click here
Monday Soul Featuring Adrian Marcel
Date: Monday, September 2, 2013
Time: 9 pm
Location: The New Parish, Oakland
$15 for tickets online here

Which Demographics Use Social Media?

Hey, Reesa here! I haven’t been on my blog ¬†in months and although I have plenty of excuses, I just don’t think there is a right answer as to why I haven’t been writing. With my budding PR career and amongst the community projects I’ve picked up on, just haven’t given me the time or desire. But after I read a few comments about missing me you know I had to give ya’ll something. ¬†So, If you insist on my real-time commentary about what’s going on in the media or local community I’d highly suggest you stalk my Instagram or twitter. (See links below)

Speaking of Twitter and Instagram …

I read a recent article on Mashable, covering the social media demographics and it really sparked my¬†curiosity¬†to dive into the results. ¬†If you look below at the infographic you will see that based on the research survey by Pew Research Center, hispanics and AFRICAN AMERICANS are in the lead as the race that uses social media the most. What does this have to do with you or I? Well, if you’re a business owner, artist, journalist, or work in any industry where you’d like to take your brand to the next level I’d highly recommend you hop on the social media band wagon. Whether we like it or not, black people are the biggest consumers of all things trendy (and then some) so of course it makes sense for you to publicize your brand, cause, company, or art through social media. ¬†Not only do I find social media entertaining, but the way it has shaped my generation (20 somethings) is pretty remarkable. I’ve seen movements in my area, met some interesting game-changers, and I feel more in tune as a (part-time) journalist.¬†I won’t make this a tech nerd rant, ¬†so please let me know your thoughts, how are you using social media?


Young Adult Author Rita Williams-Garcia presents “One Crazy Summer” – Marcus Books Store (Oct. 12)

Thanks to my aunt ( & author Dera Williams), just got word that award winning young adult author, Rita Williams-Garcia will be presenting her new book One Crazy Summer at Marcus Books store in Oakland, October 12th.  What makes this event so special is not only will it take place in the oldest black bookstore in the country,  but rather One Crazy Summer recounts the era of 1968 during the black panther party movement.  What better place to have it in Oakland!

One Crazy Summer is about three young girls from New York, who in 1968, visit their Blank Panther affiliated mother in Oakland, California.  This story is said to be rich in heritage and African American history. The book has one various awards; Newberry Honor Book Award, the Coretta Scott King Award, the Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction, and was a National Book Award Finalist.

Williams-Garcia will be reading excerpts from One Crazy Summer and will do a Q&A session.

Event Details:

October 12, 2012 at 6:30 pm, doors open at 5 pm

3900 Martin Luther King Blvd. The phone number is (510) 652-2344.

Red Hook Summer – The Church uncensored

Many of you probably thought you’ve seen the last Spike Lee film, but were soon surprised when he released his newest joint entitled¬†Red Hook Summer¬†in late August. It was portrayed to be about a story of a boy named “Flik” (Jules Brown) spending the summer with his grandfather,Bishop Enoch Rouse ¬†(Clark Peters)¬†. ¬†What I thought would be a coming of age story was actually a rude awakening to the controversies of the church. ¬†However, the relationship between his summer friend, Chazz (Toni Lysaith), eased the tension off Flik making him more aware of his surroundings beyond the “suburban life” in his hometown.¬†Spike Lee did an excellent job at conveying the church setting by captivating¬†the white Jesus, dramatic preaching styles, and the strict rules that Bishop enoch Rouse tried to live by.
Not to give a spoil alert, but this film had nothing to do with coming of age and lot’s to do with family secrets. I’d like to focus on one character, Flik’s mom. ¬†It wasn’t until the end that you find out why she snubbed her father, won’t look him in the eye, and questioned why she even brought him to Red Hook in the first place. ¬†I know Spike Lee made her character¬†undeveloped¬†for a reason but it makes me wonder why a mother wouldn’t want their child regardless of the relationship, to be around a man who has molested a boy in the past. ¬†Many churches put issues like this under the table and try to hush the situation; in this case the preacher was given a “love offering” to go away and never come back. ¬†He then gave it to his daughter to live in Atlanta, where I believe it was as an apology.
I’m not going to use this post to ramble on about my interpretations of the movie, but I’m more curious to what your thoughts are on Red Hook Summer. ¬†What are your thoughts on Red Hook Summer? The Characters? and how do you feel about the overall theme? Share in the comment box ūüôā
Check you local listing here for Red Hook Summer

Event: Love Shouldn’t Hurt – Valentine’s Day Luncheon for Domestic Abuse Victims

If you are or know someone who has ever been a victim of Domestic Violence come out to this Valentine’s Day Luncheon.¬† It’s a great way to show your support, give and receive love, and enjoy yummy food and warm spirits! check out the deets!

Date: Tuesday 02.14.12

Where:Mt. Zion Baptist Church 1302 Willow St. Oakland, CA 

Includes: Guests Speakers, Testimonies, Building Session Musical Selections, Give Aways for the women that are affected and more

Even if you aren’t able to attend you can donate to the cause! Register for the “Band with us: Take a Stand” Ticket ($5 Donation) to get YOUR #LoveShouldntHurt Bracelet!

For more event details please click HERE.

Ludacris and Daughter Karma Launch Educational Website –

Rapper/Actor Ludacris launches an educational website with his 3rd grade daughter Karma, creating her very own online platform to help make learning fun and exciting for kids her age. Karma’s World was her idea and with the help from her dad she was able create an exciting concept for grades K-6. I had a chance this morning to view a few of the games and capture the essence of learning. It’s kind of like Dora the Explorer, the black girl version, and with a cool soundtrack.¬† Not only does it take you on an interactive journey, the site offers lesson plans for parents and teachers, sing-a-longs to learn fractions, ethical lessons, and the act of politeness.

I commend Ludacris on this business venture because it is necessary for young children to find learning fun, especially from on of your favorite rappers.¬† You can’t stop them from being on the internet so you might as well give them some positive to do.

Check out and share it with your little ones!


Solange Knowles Wants You To Cure Blood Cancer –

As the new DKMS embassador for the Blood Cancer foundation, Solange Knowles asks people everywhere to help to cure blood cancer by registering to be a bone marrow donor at¬† I for one have been registered through a different organization but these easy steps you take at a donor drive can help save at least one person’s life.¬† Below is the PSA that has been released sharing her dedication to register new donors and educating the public on the simplicity of a potential cure.

From the website…

“Since attending the DKMS gala couple of years ago, I have wanted to lend my support in any way I could. People are dying and we can save them. Patients like Kara could be cured with a bone marrow transplant,” said Solange Knowles. “A lot of people don’t understand that it’s literally a cotton swab that determines if you’re a match. This can actually save someone’s life!”

Every day thousands of patients search the national registry in the hope of finding a bone marrow donor match. Less than 30% of patients find a match in their own family; the other 70% must search for an unrelated donor. Sadly, 6 out of 10 patients who can benefit from a transplant never receive one.

“Solange has a heart of gold and we are thrilled to have her as a DKMS ambassador who can help register bone marrow donors and save countless lives,” said Katharina Harf, COO of DKMS Americas. “Her PSA, which is powerful and honest, shares a message that is critical yet simple — get swabbed and you could save a life.”

Black Girls Rock Solutes Youth in Community

After a long day of work, I tuned into BET for Black Girls Rock 2011 where I immediately turned my frown upside down. As I watched the second annual celebration of black women in business, politics, community service, and sports I couldn’t help but get a warm feeling of empowerment. A few of the most influential and powerful women graced the stage; Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Angel Davis, Shirley Cesar, and Tichina Arnold shouting out words of wisdom, reflection, and remembrance of why black girls rock.¬† Although there were many honorees, the youth recognition to community service stood out the most to me.

The co-hosts Traci Ellis Ross and Regina King introduced a fashion model and DJ by the name of Mari Malek. She is the co-founder of Southern Sudan Initiatives, a charity catering to the lost boys and girls and overcoming the hardships of Sudan, Africa. By incorporating Healthcare, Agriculture, Business, clean water, and Education Southern Sudan Initiatives plans to rebuild the community, lives, and give hope to the people of Southern Sudan.

Not only did I find this recognition of community service empowering but it was the fact that Mari Malek is a young model with dreams and goals with one being her priority to give back.¬† Ye,¬† she is in the fashion industry and yes, she DJ’s in New York, but she also has made an effort and dedicated apart of herself to give back to her own community in Sudan.¬† My only hope in life is to do what I love by making a difference in someone’s life. I love Black Girls Rock for giving us a platform and so it was only right for me to highlight what I liked best about the awards show tonight.

If you would like more info on Black Girls Rock Inc. and Mari Malek you may click the links below:


Occupy Oakland – The Wake Up Call to Take Action (Video)


Photo by Leon Sykes (@Dnas)

What happened this past Tuesday, felt like a flashback to the 60’s.¬† As I sat on the edge of my bed watching the news footage while tracking the hashtag #occupyoakland via twitter I was amazed at what I saw happening in Downtown Oakland. If you haven’t been following Occupy Wall Street I suggest you google it because Oakland surely wake you up on what you’ve been sleeping on. That early Tuesday morning, Mayor Jean Quan ordered police officers to evacuate the protestors and take down the encampment at city hall.¬† This more than ruffled feathers for the occupy protestors and they took the streets to march the streets in an organized fashion.¬† One thing led to another, beer bottles and rocks were supposedly throne and in results tear gas bombs and rubber bullets were released to detain the crowd. Many people were arrested, small children were present, and it was just not a good look for the community.

Take a look at this video and you will get a very disturbing visual of all that happened that evening.  Although, Tuesday night was very violent the occupy protestors reconvened last night (Wednesday) and the march continued.  Not to mention, Mayor Jean Quan allowed them to set up camp again.

Occupy Oakland Tuesday October 25 from Raleigh Latham on Vimeo.

My Question is, Was Tuesday night all that necessary?  How do you feel about the Occupy Movement and if you could/or if you participating what are you fighting for?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

The Occupy Wall Street Movement Comes to Oakland (Photos)

If you haven’t been following, heard of, or participating in, shame on you.¬† Occupy Wall Street demonstrations have been happening all over the country and in my hometown I go to work seeing protestors diligently fighting against corporate greed for over a week now.¬† Occupy Oakland is right outside of City Hall and for the past week there have been demonstrations, rallies, marches, and even celebrity appearances from different spectrums; Danny Glover and Lupe Fiasco.¬† Yes, I’ve been reading the concerns about public safety and people taking advantage of this opportunity but let me show you the positives visually that’s happening in my neck of the woods!

Photo by Fred Shavies

Photo by Ben Margot

Photo by Reuters Pictures

If you have stories, photos, reflections, or other protest demonstrations in you area share them in the comment box below.¬† You may also email your photos to and I’ll post/retweet them =)