National HIV Testing Day: Know Your Status


If you haven’t noticed, today is National HIV Testing day!  There are free testing centers everywhere open for anyone who wants to come in and know their results.  There are so many people who take HIV/AIDS so lightly and think that just because they don’t feel sick or aren’t as sexually active or loose, they will not be affected.  I was searching for centers, activities and campaigns, when I came across “Karaoke, Condoms & Cocktails” at the Everett & Jones Q lounge happening tonight from 8-12 am.  Bay Area’s radio station 106 KMEL is sponsoring and there will be free HIV/AIDS testing on site.  So you can seriously grab you a cocktail, condom, and get tested all during karaoke night.

I believe just these little incentives to get tested are what is needed in the black community.  Shout out to for this interesting statistics form pretty much explaining that blacks are the least likely to know they are infected. So people, before you lay down again, just know.

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