Marcel William x My Baby

Happy Monday! I have some new tunes for you today.  Check out Marcel Williams, a newcomer to the music scene, with a fresh and tasteful sound.  His song “My Baby” was written by Esinchill, and it was produced by G Koop.  Shout out to Rod Campbell of Dope Only who put me onto this San Francisco bred artist.  You can check out his full bio below:

Being a newcomer to the music scene can be overwhelming for most, but for an artist
like Marcell William, the obstacles and occurrences already accomplished only continue
to drive his determination on becoming an appreciated entertainer. Hailing from the San
Francisco Bay Area, Marcell William separates himself from what R&B has become and
strives to bring back what traditional rhythm and blues is. His goal is to inspire todayʼs
youth to know and experience what true R&B sounds like. Marcell feels like vocalists
back in the day had only their voices, no outlandish tricks or antics. Thus, he is looking
to bring substance back to R&B music. Being a singer, songwriter, composer, performer
and natural comedian helps him incorporate a higher dynamic to his music as well as
his artistry. Marcell draws his influence from the likes of Jackie Wilson, Frankie Lymon,
David Ruffin, Stevie Wonder, Usher, Tank, and Maxwell.  All artists who have in some
way help create what we know and love as R&B today.
        Marcellʼs true Musical Background began upon his acceptance into the Oakland
school of the Arts in 2003. There he studied vocal, piano and drama. He starred in the
schools leading plays, The Wiz, Footloose, The Maids, and The Wild Party. During the
years 2005-2007 he studied at the University of California in the Young Musicians
Program (YMP) with a full scholarship. During his junior year of high school he was
given a 1-year scholarship to Berkeley College of Music in Boston upon his high school
graduation. His high school years clearly solidified his love and commitment to music.
Between 2006-2008 Marcell was blessed with the opportunity to open for such artists as
Tina Marie, Patrice Rushen, Roberta Flack, the Ohio Players, The Isley Brothers, Jamie
Foxx and other world renowned artists all around the U.S.
      Marcellʼs music is tasteful and bold.The richness of his voice makes it easy for him
to comfortably blend with any genre of music. Marcell is a go-getter, live wire with a
confident seductiveness, a role player that does not want to put a stamp on his music to
a specific audience. He is embarking on a journey that he is humbly and fully prepared
to take on, appreciate and welcome. Marcell William promises to take and deepen his
audiences understanding of great R&B music.

I think Marcel William’s voice has is very raspy and eludes seduction. His single “My Baby” gives off passion and enthusiasm that will immediately draw me into any R&B artist.  I’d love to see him live one of these days because if his voice matches his stage presence he will be a winner.

One thought on “Marcel William x My Baby

  1. Sarai says:

    Such a beautiful voice, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him and his group perform live and they’re amazing. True R&B and a refreshing change from alot of the crap on the radio nowadays.

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