Moe Green x Lion Heart EP (Download)

If you want to know anything about the progression of an artist and its take on the art of hip hop, check out the Vallejo reppin’, Moe Green and his latest EP “Lion Heart” which dropped this past Monday.  I had a chance to interview him right in the heat of his hunger and drive and let me tell you, he is not what I call up and coming, he is pretty much there. I always like to let new music/artists soak in and see how it can be applies to a 20-something, dreamer, and free thinker like myself and Lion Heart, has proved to be one of the realest and outspoken projects I’ve heard in awhile.  With the real life scenarios, relationships, and hardships, Moe Green allows you to continue the walk in shoes as he takes you on a journey that not only you can relate to but you will also respect.  If there is any message I can take from this one is to NEVER give up.  Enough of my explanation, cause this EP hardly needs one. Just know it has my approval.

“Right now all the wrong seems right, how I’mma wait for the future when I want right now”

(story of my life lol)

Download Lion Heart here.

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