Give Thanks.

This year of 2009, I have many reasons to be thankful.  But the great gift that I’m thankful for is, Life.  This year has been a year of Life and Death.  Many were born but many have died.  I have become more appreciative of my life her on earth.  Taking care of my body and my soul is the focus because at any time God can take my life and that would be the end of it.  This past school year, I have experience two of my classmates in my class of 2010 that has gotten their life taken away from them.  It’s reasons that are only in God’s control; but I have accepted them and learned that God is trying to tell the world something when he takes someone out of your life.

God Give you Life and he takes it from you too. It’s to me, as his child to do the best that I can to live by God and follow him and understand that whatever he does to me is for a reason.

So, this thanksgiving my biggest thanks is for LIFE. What’s yours?

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