The “Player” off the Court

what a dawg.  Shaq and shaunie O’neal have been the latest buzz for cheating/divorce scandal.  If you haven’t already heard the gossip, he has allegedly been cheating on his wife with Wizard’s baller Gilbert Arena’s wife, Laura Govan.  There has been text and email messages of Shaq meeting up with this chick during away games and having sex in hotel rooms.

Read messages HERE–>

I am not suprised by this bit of gossip and I do believe that Shaq would pull some of this mess. Not because he’s a Que and “Dog” is in his blood, but because he is a Man.  No all dogs don’t go to heaven and he got caught up.  It’s pretty simple to me, Shaunie needs to go ahead and follow through with the divorce, take half of his inheritance and get out of his life.  (He moves like sloth on the court now anyways)

Hmmm…shaq and kobe are friends. Birds of a feather FLOCK together!

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