What Black Woman can learn from the Kardasians? LOL


I came across an article today on hufington post http://www.huffingtonpost.com/yolanda-young/swirl-love-hurl-love-why-_b_467268.html  that had a very catchy title, black women, learning, and Kardasians were all three of the words that stookdout to me.  It tickled my soul to know that the other Yolanda Young would write a book about black women not being able to keep their black men.  To be honest its 2010, and I’m tired of this interracial dating contravery, date who you want to but don’t blame anyone else but yourself.  I am not going to sit here and compare myself to Kim Kardasian because for one, I will not make myself famous by sucking some D-list celebrity (Ray-J) penis and have some mandigo fetish just to capture some black man.  If it wasn’t for Kim her family would not be as “successful” if I must say so myself, and Khloe is just known by association.

So there you have it, Black men are the most hated and wanted in America, and it so happens that White women want themselves a piece.  There are plenty of men who appreciate their own race and want to marry themselves a black woman so having this whole ordeal about taking lessons from white women so we can keep our men, is not going to cut it for me.  We as black women need to stop worrying about what white men are doing, and worry about what we need to do to better ourselves for ourselves….and the men? they will always be there.

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