Natural or Knot Hair Mixer at J. Posh Design Studio

This past Friday I went to my first natural hair mixer EVER! I had no idea what to expect, but I knew that I wanted to be surrounded by women that looked like me, with hair like me, similarities, and simplistic beauty that I possess even if were just for a few hours. The natural hair mixer was put on by Sheree Murphy of Natural Habitat Beauty Boutique. Two meetup groups “Naturally Beautiful” and “SF Naturals” from were in attendance at a Oakland location at J. Posh Design Studio.  There were drinks appetizers, vendors, and warm spirits.

I walked into live music, spoken word, and visual artists who shared their love for black beauty. Not only did I mix and mingle with the guests I was able to check out the cool vendors. Natural Girls United had a display of beautiful hand crafted ethnic Barbie dolls.  Willie D’s & Mrs. Louise Boutique displayed their plus size lingerie and there were also Nique Cosmetics and M.Williams Accessories.  I enjoyed the variety of the vendors and was given a lot of information in the goodie bag given to me at the door.

The icing on the cake for me was when I won one of the door prizes; A gift basket full of goodies by Naptural Roots . Check it out!

I wish had more pictures however I’ll update once I get a hold of the photographers at the event.  I can really say that for my first time attending a meet up event with a bunch of people with your similar interest is AWESOME!  I recommend anyone looking to find fun things or to build your network in your area to check out … It’s really THAT simple to do what you love =)

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