Ludacris and Daughter Karma Launch Educational Website –

Rapper/Actor Ludacris launches an educational website with his 3rd grade daughter Karma, creating her very own online platform to help make learning fun and exciting for kids her age. Karma’s World was her idea and with the help from her dad she was able create an exciting concept for grades K-6. I had a chance this morning to view a few of the games and capture the essence of learning. It’s kind of like Dora the Explorer, the black girl version, and with a cool soundtrack.  Not only does it take you on an interactive journey, the site offers lesson plans for parents and teachers, sing-a-longs to learn fractions, ethical lessons, and the act of politeness.

I commend Ludacris on this business venture because it is necessary for young children to find learning fun, especially from on of your favorite rappers.  You can’t stop them from being on the internet so you might as well give them some positive to do.

Check out and share it with your little ones!


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