Slangston Hughes x Dollar$ and Daialogue EP

Slangston Hughes is not a stranger on Reesa Speaks and if you are wondering why? It’s Because his lyricism and artistry as a person has not only made him a leader and sensation in New Orleans, but also positive influence to the community of this blog.  He recently released his project “Dollar$ & Daialogue” this past February and I had a chance to really give it good listen and I’m impressed. Hughes describes the new project from the first release Money & The Message as a continuation of the dichotomy between the green paper that makes the world go round and achieving an internal balance within ourselves.

This 12 tracks bring me back to reality and essence of hip-hop and simply shows the originality of Slangston Hughes.  All of the tracks are produced by L’Daialouge and MiZUnderstatistic with features from GO DJ E.F. Cuttin, Suave and Lyrikill.  So, get into it and tell me what you think?
Click Dollar$ and Daialogue EP for your exclusive download. Enjoy!

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