What about Pakistan?

dams burst, tears flood
washed away millions, villages submerged
the world sits deaf, the children’s cries go unheard
media got you glued to the tube, now what’ve you learned?
to the truth you are blind, an entire country victimized
makeshift camps in graveyards &treetops, take a second to visualize
monsoon rain caused flood devastation, Pakistan left paralyzed
water’s receeded, from dark to light, survivors for you i sympathize
return from Atlantis, out of house &home, little aid, health compromised
suffering exceeding 04’s tsunami,Kashmir &Haiti’s quakes combined!
sources i’ll extinguish, skills i’ll utilize, people i’ll gather, a plan to save you will be devised
great minds, big hearts, free souls, world citizens with out forces combined
we can save the world, to this occasion let’s rise!
-Pheben Meharena

The Pakistan Floods that happened in July caused one the most devastating natural disasters in the middle east.  You may not remember or even heard that over 2,000 people have reportedly died leaving over a million homes destroyed of their natural habitat.  It wasn’t until I got my latest issued of the Time magazine when I read a heartbreaking article about the current condition of certain regions of Pakistan. Pheben Meharena, a strong advocate, reached out to the website for your help.  Although this natural disaster has been put under the rug by the media it still should get the light and support that it deserves.  The Embassy of Pakistan, DC is working together with savethechildren.org to fun the Pakistan children during this emergency.  Celebrities continue to neglect and the recognition isn’t out there leaving only 50% of the requested emergency relief fund not received.   For more information on how you can reach out on the Pakistan Floods of 2010, click the link below.

Click Here to Help

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