Miles Brandon x Mile High Club

If you are into Hip Hop a name that you must remember aside from Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, and Jay Z is the up and coming aspiring music artist and producer, Miles Brandon.  This Oakland native is coming full force with a duo combination, talent, style, and versatility.  Miles started his interest with a love of poetry at the age of 13 years old, where he grew up to discover that his passion was in Hip Hop.  By taking spin offs from his name, he produced a few mixtapes with his current one “Mile High Club” that has been released this summer.  He writes, produces, and raps about his voyage and his determination to elevate one’s mind in society’s growing music culture.  The song “Overdose on Love” derives from the relationship woes with his girlfriend.  By mixing party songs and strong messages, Miles designed a versatile mixtape that all Hip Hop heads could agree with.

The different tone and structures in creating his own beats is what makes him stand out amongst the many aspiring to reach the top.  When asking about his latest mixtape he says, “You should never feel to settled, which is why I am ready to do even better than before.” By having that mindset to perfect every song, Miles Brandon encourages anyone else aspiring in his field to bring the most presentable and sound bound music that you can create. In my opinion he reeks originality in more ways then one.

What makes Miles Brandon standout? Creativity; Not only is it from within but it’s shown on the outside as well.  With a love of shopping and fashion, Miles makes sure to keeps his threads fly inside and outside of the studio.  With his 80’s influenced style and his Hip Hop inspired creativity, Miles Brandon “Mile High Club” is what needs to be leaking through your speakers.

Listen and download his mixtape here:

Check out this video for “The Take Off” produced by The A List Team’s Charles Jim-George (@keepitCharlie) a very creative producer, photographer and awesome friend.

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