Bitches and Fashion: Fall Reality Series Kicks Off

475x220Yes, I love it. I wasn’t a big fan last season, but after watching the first episode I knew I would be hooked.

Let me start by saying for those of you who do not watch MTV, it is a reality series called “The City” based off Whitney (2nd girl from the left) who used to play on “The Hills”. She moves to New York City and lands a great job where she that she is juggling with hopes to producing her new fashion line.  Along the way she ecounters people who help her or hate on her dreams throughout the season.

The first episode was all about the female dog, BITCH. Excuse my language but there is no other way to describe the new chick Roxxy and Olivia.  First of all, Roxxy comes to New York  just to fee load off Whitney and of course Whitney is not going to see it because she’s too NICE.

Olivia is the 2nd BITCH, she clearly gets promoted to accessories with ELLE Magazine and immediately thinks that she is running game.  Little does she know, the publicist shuts her DOWN as well as ELLE’s director. AH HA!

If you missed the first episode you can catch “The City” tuesday Nights at 10:30 p.m