Dame Fifty5: The Indie Pop Vision

Music lovers can only go back to the future with this Cincinatti born artist, Dame Fifty5 is Indie Pop Culture’s next best unsigned artist.  He started off with a passion for fashion at the Fashion Institue for Design Merchandise in Los Angeles and soon grew into his love for music. Dame’s creative abilities have been expressed through many influences using different sounds to capture your mind and take your soul on a ride.  I’ve favorited one song entitled “Love Nior” off his first mixtape Rode to Ruins because I instantly fell in love with the lyrics and the sound seemed so timeless to Hip Hop.  While he is currently in Berlin, Germany right now I will continue to rock out to his music back here in the bay.

Mixtape can be downloaded and accessed Here:




Just a cool video that was on his myspace 🙂

Dondria- “Shawty Wus Up”

Dondria’s “Shawty Wus Up” reminds me of summer time in the south. I had to put her on her to give my vibe a lil’ edge. Dondria was discovered and picked up by Jermaine Dupri on Youtube and is soon to be dropping her first album August 17th so look out for her. Enjoy!

B Yung the Poet-“Summer’s Here”

This past Wednesday I attended Air Lounges “Hot Water Cornbread” Poetry night that happens every Wednesday at 8pm in downtown Oakland’s newest urban underground lounge.  There were many talented poets but what most caught my eyes, ears, and soul was a poet by the name of B Yung.  Brook Yung is young black man from Brooklyn, New York who just so happened to be traveling on tour and stopped by to share with us his passion for poetry.   He shares a love for composing music and writing poetry that he has been displaying on tour around the world for a living.  He’s traveled to China and Shanghai where he continues to discover and grow as an artist.

I was amazed by the feedback he received; finger snaps, ooh and aaahs, from the very eclectic audience of the evening.  He held his head high and kept his arms open as he spoke his original pieces from his Chapbook entitled “Summer’s Here”.  I have a poem excerpt from his website www.brookyoung.blogspot.com.

Red Sex Canteen

Fingers haunt the spine

Sweet fabric of moan

Gallery of kisses knotting

Gyrating flesh dessert; pink as salmon

Ritual of red heel and lace

Smooth buttons peeling, soft as sand

Skin static sizzling between stomachs

Hissing like an old record needle

Sweet wine of woman

Sweet slow burn of lust, silky stream of lashes

Tepid hearts roasting in the midnight of skin

Radiant after taste of moonlight

Blissful spine music, loose lantern of eyes

Innocent sex spell steaming like a small fever

Ocean wave of legs binding like string

Warm ink of eyes dripping,

Red sex canteen, Overload of lips

Small temper of nerve jumping in the skin

Nectarous thigh candy,

Naked tongue polish, slippery

House of bone melting

Penetrable leg meal

Old spice of eye voodoo

Sonnet of singing souls

Patient faint of dawn…

While scrolling through his blog I noticed his post on B. Yung’s Five Steps to being Successful:Capitalize, footwork,  show your face, and stay humble

As an artist whether it be poetry, music, or fashion it is important that you stay humble in your craft and really show your face; meaning in my words get your name out there, brand yourself and meet people that will help you become successful. B Yung’s personal steps can be great advice to anyone aspiring to be a successful artist today.

B. Young’s Chapbook is currently for purchase.  For more information on how you can learn more or support him as an artist please visit his website http://www.brookyung.blogspot.com

Haziq- Live Larger

Recording artist Haziq Ali is hip-hop’s best kept secret.  Hailing from Washington, D.C. Haziq has been traveling all over the world on tours to get his name out there.  He started of being interested in business but then branched out to make his business skills more musical with the talent that he grew fun of.  He says, “My goal is to make the winning habits the dope ones to start,”  encouraging his fans to start business that will prosper in the industry.

Haziq is currently working in India and plans to be on the cover of XXL freshmen 10 in the mere future.  He’s also been on tour with Dondria, Nappy Roots, Tabli Kweli, and even Wale.  MTVJams has premiered his video for “Freedom/Hussla” which is an even greater accomplishment.  This unsigned artist has a very unique DC sound that’s very upbeat and personable.  His featured song “Live Larger” is hot so give it a listen and tell me what you think.

Dispicable Me- Pharell

Dispicable me.   This movie was the cutest of them yet this summer.  Of Course I’m not into the movie spoilers but I will just let you know that if you are in for a sense of humor and animation make sure you hit your next matinee.  As I was enjoying a laugh or two or three I noticed that the soundtrack was RAW.  Then I googled and realized that Pharell, one of my favorite producers, was apart of this.  He owned this soundtrack with features of The Bee Gees and Robin Thicke.  Hip Hop is making its mark even in the children’s eyes of movie theatre, Who would’ve known?

Hair Update: The infamous Twisties Updo

I’ve already posted on facebook, don’t mind the weird face I’m making but check out the HAIR! When you are bored at home with more free time then I was in school, I can discover different ways to do my hair.  I was figuring out how to make my hair manageable, yet unique in a “corporate” kind of way. (Interview on Wednesday) Nonetheless, with Maury’s twist Gel and some African Shea butter this is what I came up with.  I should start my demo video’s back up shouldn’t I?

To Be Continued.

Style Your Home With Funky DaDa

I’m always browsing on the online store Etsy.com and came across the cutest decor by “Funky Dada”.  She’s been in a previous post for her cute African print shoes so it was only right to catch you up to date with her new items. The throw pillows and bowls and spoons were handmade to perfect to give your home a chic style.

For more information on Funky DaDa visit the online store:


Six Months Brings Mental Illness to Haiti

I was watching ABC World news this past Monday and my heart became swollen as I watched a small boy tide up by all his limbs rolling around in the dirt, abandoned by on-lookers in the community of Port Au Prince, Haiti.  It’s been months since the fatal earthquake has hit the capital of Haiti leaving lives lost and forgotten in now small institutions. 

I had to fight back tears because knowing that I had no way of healing the minds of these forgotten humans.  Just think of if you were stripped away from your house, you life, and your belongings, it will drive you insane to get back from rock bottom.  There are many issues going on in the world today and not enough resources for the important ones that we should value like the Oil Spill and the aftermath of Haiti.   We must lose hope on our world and faith on God that he will be a natural healer for the disasters that are taking over.

Terry Kennedy brings Skateboarding to BET

You may have remembered him back in those Ice Cream days with Pharell, Terry Kennedy (TK) is a sexy professional skateboarder with Fly Society.  I spotted him in the latest issue of Essence Magazine as one of the bachelors of the month.  He’s moved on from previous girlfriend Angela Simmons, and has a reality show to premiere on BET this October.  I can’t wait because I used to have a myspace crush on him in High School, oops! Guess he knows now!