Six Months Brings Mental Illness to Haiti

I was watching ABC World news this past Monday and my heart became swollen as I watched a small boy tide up by all his limbs rolling around in the dirt, abandoned by on-lookers in the community of Port Au Prince, Haiti.  It’s been months since the fatal earthquake has hit the capital of Haiti leaving lives lost and forgotten in now small institutions. 

I had to fight back tears because knowing that I had no way of healing the minds of these forgotten humans.  Just think of if you were stripped away from your house, you life, and your belongings, it will drive you insane to get back from rock bottom.  There are many issues going on in the world today and not enough resources for the important ones that we should value like the Oil Spill and the aftermath of Haiti.   We must lose hope on our world and faith on God that he will be a natural healer for the disasters that are taking over.

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