Haziq- Live Larger

Recording artist Haziq Ali is hip-hop’s best kept secret.  Hailing from Washington, D.C. Haziq has been traveling all over the world on tours to get his name out there.  He started of being interested in business but then branched out to make his business skills more musical with the talent that he grew fun of.  He says, “My goal is to make the winning habits the dope ones to start,”  encouraging his fans to start business that will prosper in the industry.

Haziq is currently working in India and plans to be on the cover of XXL freshmen 10 in the mere future.  He’s also been on tour with Dondria, Nappy Roots, Tabli Kweli, and even Wale.  MTVJams has premiered his video for “Freedom/Hussla” which is an even greater accomplishment.  This unsigned artist has a very unique DC sound that’s very upbeat and personable.  His featured song “Live Larger” is hot so give it a listen and tell me what you think.

5 thoughts on “Haziq- Live Larger

  1. E&J says:

    Gurl…this man is DC’s best kept secret. Hes way better than Wale’s wack ass Lol. Thx for the luv tho sis…and this info..he bout to be my new fave rapper 🙂

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