No Justice and No Peace

When the world seems to crash down on you, I will be there for you.

In a society that have never accepted the color of your skin, the power of your destiny and the magnitude of your soul, I will be there for you.

I don’t point the finger in this situation, because I too am a black woman, suffering in a world that has never fully accepted my well being.  From my “rebellious” hair to my rooted curves, white America will never fully understand me.  So I raise my fist for justice.


 If you haven’t been following the Oscar Grant Bart Shooting Trial, just think of Oakland, California revolting in a modern day Rodney King riots over police brutality that seems to slip away in America.  About a year ago, a young black man by the name of Oscar Grant was shot and killed on the Bay Area Rapid Transit by a police officer pleading innocent with the “I thought it was a tazer” tale.  I knew the police officer wanted to tame him, but in no way do I feel that he should have led it to death.  Accident or not, when life is involved it is never something that should be taken lightly.  Earlier today the verdict was released that police officer Mehserle is found guilty of involuntary manslaughter with 2-4 years in prison.  Being that he has already done a year and some change his time is served with just a slap on the wrist and he will be let loose for “accidently” killing an innocent black man.  I can’t even imagine how the family of Oscar Grant feel and to know that the killer will be free, free in my mind, but not in soul; this is not what I call justice.


 How can we bring peace to a community that has forever been foreshadowed in society as one of the worst and dangerous cities of America, Oakland; where black boys and girls grow up and only the gifted and blessed get out free.  Where crack babies are having crack babies and the cycle repeats because they are neglected because of a drug that has never died in our community.  This drug has infested our minds, took over our school systems and has corrupted our hearts.  What can we do?  Do we continue to let the system betray us time and time again or do we as a black community rise up not with sticks and stones but with our intellect and education to beat the system.  The only way that black people can ever beat the system is to be more powerful and smarter than it.  Become lawyers, Civil Rights Activists, officers, and prove that Justice can and will be served. 

To my black men, keep your head up to the heavens and the sky.  This is a very discouraging time in your lives but just know that even though another innocent one of us has fallen short to the system, this should not give us less of hope of our character.  Use this trial as a reminder of how powerful you need to be in America and how you will help lead us as a people to get to our promise land; a place that to many, seems so far away…..

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